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Advice & Examples on How to Structure Your LTCL Articles

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    Alex Cruz

    As I was editing one of our writer’s articles, I noticed there was some structure missing. The ideas could have been a little more concrete and the flow could still improve slightly more. This is the feedback I gave her that covers how I structure my articles:


    Aim for making an article that you would feel was worth sharing to your friends.

    Don’t worry about other people.

    Make the article that you would want to read.

    You would have the “omg this is so rich with advice.”

    I personally research my articles and use ideas about the topic I find really useful and love and then add my spin or take on them.

    Another tip that I use when I write is I write as if I was a teacher explaining where the action points are for the reader. Use any part of the way I structure my articles if you feel it would work for your style.

     So basically I guide the reader and break things down for the like this:

    This is the problem at hand and what we are going to explaining to you. Then I’m going to tell you the value WE provide at LTCL you wont find anywhere else because we did research and compiled some good stuff. Here is a clever little joke to put you in a good mood and make you want to read on.

    Now that I have your interest, here is a small description of the broad scope of the problem and why you aren’t the only one who needs this advice. Other people need this advice because of this, this and this.
    I am a credible source because this, or I researched this that will break down the following.

    Here is one piece of advice you should use. This advice is helpful because of this, this, and this.
    Let me give you examples of this advice at work:
    Example 1
    Example 2
    Sometimes I give a little tip to help them make the advice work or remember it.

    “Give other piece of advice if needed”

    Repeat what the point of the article was and how they will be better off. Throw in a joke or reference from beginning that ties it all in together. Leave reader with interesting or thought provoking statement.

    I hope that helped. I also try and use one or two interesting and unusual words in each article.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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