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Relationship Article Ideas!

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    Here is an excellent source of relationship article ideas! Just pick one and answer it in a post. Don’t flat out address their specific question but research their problem and structure your article to solve this problem if that makes sense.

    I will post on here questions I find would make great articles from that forum.

    I would love to start and plan on starting a part of this website that is forum based like that.. Anyways, here is the forum link:



    Someone posted this… you could easily pick it apart and find different articles to write from it… for example: How to approach a boyfriend when you think they are lying. How to handle ex bf and gfs on facebook.. etc…

    A while ago my boyfriend told me that his ex has got in contact with him. he seemed really annoyed by it and was acting like he hates her which made me a bit suspicious because he’s told me that he’d care about her forever, just not in a romantic way.

    After that he didnt say anything bout it for ages and then he started grumping about her always messaging him and how he was sick of it. i was worried (he didnt end their relationship, she did and broke his heart) so i did what i know i shoulnt have done and logged on to his facebook to read their messages because i was hardly sleeping from worry.

    they’d been talking a bit and he’d lied to me when he said he’d only been polite to her and nothing more. he’d been almost overly nice to her and trying to keep their conversations going and everything. he hadnt crossed any barriers but it scares me that he lied to me. i dunno if he lied just so i wouldnt worry or for another reason.

    i want to confront him about it and ask why he lied but i cant because i then i’d have to admit that i went on his facebook. what should i do?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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