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    Here are some of the article ideas that I was thinking about for the next 3 weeks. Any feedback?

    1. Article about the upcoming return of “Arrested Development” and the buzz surrounding it.

    2. Beauty article about how to stay safe during summer in terms of cosmetics, sunscreen, etc.

    3. Dream summer vacation spots around the world.

    • I wrote a long reply to this and I don’t see it. -___-
      Victim of the server migration process. Did you get a chance to see it before it got deleted?

    • I don’t remember the brilliant ideas I mentioned in the last time I replied to this but let see if I can recap some of it….

      The beauty article we dont really need right now bc Linzy is already doing that. Maybe you could do something related to health like staying fit in the summer using outdoors activities or something? Feel free to throw some more ideas out for that I can help brain storm with.

      The dream summer vacation I think would be great if you did it with a budget spin to it. So like, ideas to travel that are affordable, or less than $300 (depending on where you live). In my previous reply I mentioned doing a travel series of articles we could look into in the next batch we have you do if you are interested. Doing a couple more and have other writers as do some as well. E.g how to pack, how to plan, how to save money–all those would be very useful to college students who don’t have experience traveling on their own yet.

      Let me know if you have any questions!