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    I want to write an article about how to decide whether to take a relationship long-distance. I know with summer, graduations, new jobs etc some couples may be facing the question whether to stay together or not. I want to get insight on people who have gone through this (either decided to break up or stay together) and use it in the article.

    • Excellent idea, Linzy. I like it because it’s very relevant to what’s going on this time of year. Interviewing people going through it will be great insight of what decisions they are faced with (job, money, happiness, family).
      I’m not clear on what exactly do you want the article to accomplish for the reader, though. How are they going to decide that? Are you going to give them alternatives to moving or are you going to focus on the relationship/emotional aspect of it?

    • It is going to focus on what to consider when making the choice to make a relationship long distance or to end it (examples, length of time in relationship, seriousness, how far away, time going to be apart etc)

    • I replied to this too. Did you get a chance to see it>?