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Five Funniest to Follow: Twitter Celebrities Worth Checking Out

Twitter is a magical place. In 140 characters or less, you can blog about what you are doing, where you are, or simply random things (I like to think my occasional, spontaneous one-liners are hilarious… not to toot my own horn.) Some people tweet news; others take Twitter less seriously.

We’ve put together a list of the funniest, most informative, and most “hard to tear your eyes away from” celebs that you should start following today.


Child Star, All Grown Up

Amanda Bynes – If you are in any way well in-tune with the Twitterverse, you have likely already seen many of the former-Nickelodeon star’s tweets.What makes Miss Bynes so entertaining is that, unless we are horribly mistaken, she is very blunt and serious in her tweets, from tweeting about her nose jobs to calling Drake ugly. You should find her especially entertaining if you grew up watching The Amanda Show in the 90’s; Bynes isn’t exactly the innocent little girl she used to be. She’s at least worth checking out, if not a follow.

A before and after of Bynes; from huffingtonpost.com

A before and after of Amanda Bynes

NBA Expert with a Comedic Twist

Kendall Marshall – The former North Carolina and current Phoenix Suns point guard is on the short list of most entertaining NBA players on Twitter. His one liners mixed with basketball expertise are a great combination for any sports fan. Recently, he live-tweeted (the act of tweeting personal reactions while watching something on TV) the NBA finals with a comedic touch that only Marshall could naturally add to sports reporting. However, not all of his tweets are about basketball, and we would argue that even non-sports fans would find him funny and interesting.

You can just tell Marshall is a jokester from that grin

You can just tell Marshall is a jokester from that grin

Through the Grape-Vine

Schoolboy Q – Most recently, the “Black Hippy” member has taken it upon himself to become an advocate for saving Vine from the new Instagram video. This will serve as a double promotion to follow Q on both Twitter and Vine. His Vine videos, which are some of the most random and hilarious we’ve seen, will document anything from footage of a concert and hanging in the hotel room to Q pulling around his friend by the chain and calling him his pet gorilla. Also, if you happen to be a fan of Kendrick Lamar, you should definitely check out Q since the two are both apart of “Black Hippy.”

School Boy Q with his trademark bucket hat

School Boy Q with his trademark bucket hat

Sports Insight and Commentary

Bill Simmons – Known for his creation of Grantland and his role on NBA Countdown, this basketball junkie gives blunt and humorous (but very accurate) insight to both sports and pop culture, as well as randomly blending in some random thoughts along the way. We enjoy him for the nice mixture Simmons tweets of sports news, television opinions, and sheer comedy. Like Marshall, definitely worth the follow for major sports fans.

Bill Simmons, known as the Sports Guy

Bill Simmons, known as the Sports Guy

Sarcasm Outside of The Office

B.J. Novak – If you happen to be a fan of NBC’s The Office, then you likely already know Novak as Ryan Howard, the original temp at Dunder Mifflin. However, few may know that Novak also wrote and helped produce much of The Office, as well as the fact that he does stand up. His tweets usually mock pop culture (for example, when it leaked that Kanye West’s child had be named North, Novak tweeted, “Please don’t say you named it after North Korea.”) Another thing fans may like is that it is not uncommon for Novak to have twitter conversation with other cast members that were on The Office. If you are looking for a quick laugh, simply scroll through B.J. Novak’s twitter feed.

BJ Novak, coming up with his next hilarious tweet?

BJ Novak, coming up with his next hilarious tweet?

 Who are your favorite Tweeters? Let us know in the comments!


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