Posted 10/4/12 by Em in Lifestyle

Sorority Rush Week Experience and Advice

A big part of college is the Greek system. Whether you think of Old School or Legally Blonde, sororities and fraternities differ from school to school. After much consideration, I made the ultimate decision to rush my university, UC Davis, this year. Rushing a sorority or fraternity is just one way to expand your social network, meet a ton of new people you might not have met otherwise, and become a part of an organization that lasts well beyond college. Here is my one-week diary of the exhausting, yet amazing rush week.


Day 1: The first day of rush is terrifying. Not only do you have no clue what to expect, but there are 600+ other girls only adding to the intimidation. The first day is one of the longest. You wake up at the crack of dawn to attend an orientation, where you learn the basics of rush, but still much is left to the imagination. From there you meet you Pi Rho Chi leader and you on your way to the bonds of sisterhood. You visit each house and meet just a few of the active members, but you only have 15 minutes to make a lasting first impression. After being asked the same question about a million times, you start to figure out which house suits you best. Since the first day is so daunting the best thing to do is be yourself. Don’t try to impress people or make up lies, trust me, the girls will notice if you are trying too hard.

Day 2: Day two is possibly the most exhausting day. This day you will only go back to the houses that call you back; day one was your only chance to visit each sorority. Today, you get to tour the houses. You learn about the social, academic, and financial details of each individual house. This is the time when the active sorority members get show off the house’s unique personality. The day ends with some more chit-chat and a lot of thinking to do. Tips for the second day is be inquisitive. Ask the active members about their house and some of the unique things their sorority does. Seeming interested and speaking up makes you memorable.

Day 3: Night three is a bit more intimate than the previous two nights. With a semi-formal dress code in full force, tonight is the night you learn, in-depth, about the chapter’s philanthropy. You do a small craft, which relates to the house’s charity, and learn about the several events the house hosts throughout the year to raise money. For some girls, the philanthropies are close to their hearts and become a major component in your decision for which house you want. This is one of the most important nights because houses really start to see if they can see you in the house and likewise. On the third night the conversation goes beyond the basics of where you live and what you are studying. Do not be afraid to tell a funny story or something personal, it makes the process so much more real.

Day 4: Day four was by far my most favorite evening. You go back to your final two houses, dressed to kill in cocktail attire and make your final impression at the house. You spend the whole evening with just one girl, which differs from the previous nights where you talk to three or more girls at a time. You are seated at a table with the active member and are served a plated dessert (definitely a great perk). Next, you are taken inside and witness only some of the many rituals the sororities have. At the end of the night you have to make your final decision, which can be easy or quite difficult. Tomorrow, bid day, determines which house, if any, you will join. On pref night you will have to be able to hold a conversation with just one girl for about an hour. If you are worried that there will be awkward pauses or that you will draw blank then try to think of questions before hand, just in case. Or you could engage the other people at your table to keep the conversation interesting.

Day 5: The end has finally arrived! Your day starts off anxiously awaiting your invitation to hopefully your top choice. Once you receive and accept your bid, you are welcomed by all the girls in the house to a fun day with your new sisters. My house had catered lunch, some ice breaker activities, and a trip to Sky High. Each sorority does something different this day, but the whole point is to start your new adventure. And for all of those wondering…I joined Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter Epsilon Omicron at UC Davis! All in all, you just have to be confident and yourself. You will end up at the place that is best for you!


As a second year at the University of California, Davis I am pursuing a career in fashion journalism with major in sociology. For years I have written articles for local blogs, magazines, and websites, and hope to gain enough experience to work with national publications in the years to come.