Posted 12/22/11 by LTCL in Relationships & Sex

Can Guys and Girls Be Just Friends?

Gentlemen, you see your girlfriend with all her guy “friends” and we guys KNOW these guys would hook up with your girl the second they got the chance. She introduces you to them and your expression as you shake hands lets him know you know the drill.

Ladies, you see your boyfriend with all these girl “friends”–interesting how none of which happen to be unattractive and most have a past with your man. Be friendly to their face but deep down you can’t stand those flirty backstabbers.

These “Friends” cause a lot of stress in college relationships, we’ve all been there no matter how secure you are in your significant other. So… can guys and girls JUST be “Friends”? Well, Jesse Budd and Patrick Romero decided to take a closer look at this issue after asking students at Utah State University. I find these results not in the least bit surprising:



So, do you think guys and girls can just be friends? Let us know with a comment down below.


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