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6 Things Girls do on Facebook After a Breakup

I got on Facebook the other day a noticed a friend of mine changed her profile picture to a close-up of her smiling. I found this interesting and out of place after her previous 10 pictures were of her and her boyfriend. Something about that picture screamed single, so I put on my stalker-hat and investigated this further…

Case closed, I was right. She and her boyfriend of 2 years broke up a few days prior and her cheesin’ profile pic was all she needed to say. So this got me thinking about what other things girls do after a breakup that intentionally or not gives away their single status.

So here’s a list I put together with the help of my friend who is a girl of some common things a girls do on Facebook after its over:


1. Becomes much more affectionate and in love with her BFF’s and doesn’t mind showing it off via pictures, comments and wall tags.


2. She starts posting inspirational and uplifting statuses about how strong and free she feels!

3. Changes profile picture to something a little more “revealing.”


4. Doesn’t mind making posts about how her ex’s new love interest is “slutty” or “not that cute…”

5. Posts photos with her and all of her guy friends.

6. She starts making sure her whereabouts are known at all times by checking in at every restaurant, club or bar she goes.


We know these are regular occurrences. They may be a little embarrassing to admit, but if you find yourself doing them don’t necessarily stop, just realize how you may make yourself appear to others. Hopefully your friends can post a little public support or comforting words to help you move on. With that said, be sparing with these post. Leaving a trail of tears on your friends timeline can become counter productive and a bit annoying.

So, did I miss any signs girls give on Facebook?

Girls, what do you think is the best way to use Facebook after a breakup?

Also, I’d like to know what signs you see guys do in the same situation. Let us know in the comments down below.


Alex Cruz

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