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Does Weed Attract Girls?

Let’s talk about weed.

I don’t smoke it, but I’m around it and the culture quite often, often enough to start to figure out trends of my marijuana-addicted friends and acquaintances. Most of these trends are really simple:

-Dubstep Music and “Womping” (essentially stupid dancing to said dubstep music)

-Bob Marley posters

Now I have no issue with Bob Marley, he’s a great singer, and I occasionally listen to his music, but I feel like if you’re going to put the time to have a poster in your room of a singer, you should listen to them A LOT. I have never walked in on my pot-smoking friends listening to Bob Marley. It’s so cliche that it doesn’t even happen.

Weed is really annoying, but the worst part is guys who would have no shot at certain attractive girls, get with these girls BECAUSE of weed, which is why I have nicknamed it “The Equalizer.”

A good-looking guy can get almost any girl. A good looking guy who smokes weed with ANY girl who smokes weed.

An ugly or super awkward guy can get decent looking girls sometimes. An ugly or super awkward guy can get very attractive girls sometimes because of weed.

So, essentially, this is my warning to all of you good-looking guys who DON’T smoke weed: Don’t try too hard for a cute girl who smokes weed. You’re not going to lose because of your looks, your charm, or your sense of humor. You’re going to lose because you don’t connect with her in that deep, green, sticky-icky way. It’s just the way it is.

The funny thing is, is that this theory brings up an interesting experiment.
Kids, don’t try this at home, but if you’re bored, fuck it, just do it.

  1. Make friends with a cool guy who smokes weed
  2. Smoke weed with him (Side note: Please continue being productive, otherwise you fucking suck like 90% of potheads)
  3. Go to parties with your weed friends. Meet attractive girls who smoke weed.
  4. Smoke weed with said girls.
  5. Go HAM.

I would never do this because my career forces me to stay pretty straight-edge (aside from my love of vodka, which will be in the next post), but if you’re someone who likes to try new things, and wants to test out my theory, go for it.

Side-effects of weed: Laziness, Excessive FIFA playing, Hunger for ranch dressing to dip any sort of food in, and apparently, getting with hot girls.

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