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Coolest Girlfriend Ever Takes BF Around the World


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A Sexy Girl Leads You Around the World

I can show you the world.
Shining, shimmering, splendid…

What is better than living the college life? Studying all night, being broke, stressed constantly, and getting drunk off cheap beer? Well, realistically we should get over it because there are starving kids in Africa, but for the sake of this intro, we feel that Osman has the better life. These amazing pictures need no further explanation. Murad Osman, a Russian photographer and executive producer of Hype Productions gets to travel for work and was able to land his own tour guide Barbie.Yes, Osman is rich, but more importantly he has the best girlfriend in the world. Hopefully you don’t get jealous too easily as you fantasize a bit before getting back to the things you should actually be doing now, in the real world. Here is the gallery of the this couple’s adventures.

In case you want to know who this travel guide is, her name is Natalie Zakharova. You can follow her on Instagram for more pictures, too. Watch Natalie take Osman around the world: Sailing, a little China Wall, and even a frisky masquerade. Enjoy:

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So what does the front look like?

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    I hope this post inspired people to move aside of the materialistic aspects of it, but more focus on maybe living a little more and having fun…


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