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Spring Breakers New Uncensored International Trailer


Posted 2/2/13 by

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he new spring breakers trailer has many raving for what looks to be a party-hard, Superbad style movie. The clear difference would be that rather than starring three high school outcasts, you have four attractive and crazy party girls who seem to be all about “YOLO”, leading to some smart decisions such as robbing a store in order to go on spring break.

With a plot like this you just need to release these trailers, loaded with bikini shots and party scenes.  The modern day recipe for a big box office weekend, mostly driven by college students ready to see the stars in action and take notes on how to party like Hollywood on spring break.

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Many who are actually going to see this for the plot should just watch this trailer and save themselves money. It clearly shows the entire story. Very typical, where the characters bite off more than they can chew and it all catches up to them in the end.  The abrupt realization that maybe you shouldn’t commit to an armed robbery just to afford a spring break trip. Or maybe it’s not a good idea if you need to team up with gangsters. Though this G happens to be James Franco–hard to hold that against them after seeing his blinged out grill. Regardless, if this is indeed the girl version of Superbad, it will be a huge hit and these girls should probably say goodbye to their sweet, innocent  Disney image.

I’ve done about every illegal activity under the sun. – Gangster, James Franco

James Franco will surely bring some legitimacy to this movie, both from the comedic perspective after staring in classics such as Pineapple Express, and of course acting legitimacy stemming from his role in 127 Hours.

Yes, this is a predictable movie, and yes you will almost certainly see me in the theater with my ticket at hand to see what kind of shenanigans these girls end up in.

Question: what you think about the movie trailer and if this is something you plan on checking out?



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