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Funny North Korea Memes (Gallery)

North Korea at Night


hat happens when a young thirty-something dictator with a goofy haircut takes over a small country with limited power and a huge ego?…

The answer is some excellent meme material. The internet, predominately the western hemisphere, began to let the satirical imagination take over these last few weeks as Kim-Jong Un started to tout how his tiny military would attack and destroy the world super powers. This tyrant is literally starving his own people while spending all his country’s money on a military pissing contest.

Below are some of LTCL’s own renditions of North Korea memes featuring Kim Jong-Un as well as some of our favorites found floating around on the interwebs.


North Korea Memes

Kim-Jong Un Obama Meme Kim-Jong Un Meme

Kim-Jong Un Meme Kim-Jong Un Meme Kim-Jong Un Meme Kim-Jong Un Meme Kim-Jong Un meme North Korea Army Meme Kim-Jong Un Meme Bombing North Korea Meme Kim-Jong Un Meme North Korea Meme

North Korea Memes North Korea Memes





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