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15 Greatest Halloween Costumes of 2013

With Halloween approaching (tomorrow!) it’s high time to admire some of the best –or funniest– costumes for both humans and animals. While there are sure to be many more photos posted online on the 31st, here is the LTCL list of the 15 greatest Halloween costumes of 2013… SO FAR!

15. Princess Leia

Reddit user D0tsee posted this photo of Luna the cat dressed as Luke Skywalker’s twin sister.

14. The Kool-Aid Man

Reddit user 86thdj is using his size to his advantage this Halloween… OOOOH YEEEEAH.

13. Taco

thebrookesterr posted this adorable photo of her cat, Oscar, dressed as a delicious Mexican treat.

12. Ace Ventura Family Costume

Posted by user hoarsefly on Reddit, this rendition of Jim Carrey’s hilarious character is too perfect not to add to our list!

11. Superdogs

User singleflash posted this adorable photo of some super-pups, ready to fight for good this Halloween!

10. Frodo & Gollum/Smeagol

Probably the most creative couple’s costume you’ll see this Halloween, the photo posted on Reddit by Basalted is simply “precious.”

9. Michonne

This pug dressed as Michonne (from “The Walking Dead”) is both hilarious AND cute! Posted by user nocleverusername190 on Reddit.

8. Fifty Shades of Grey

This costume is clever, funny, and may even get some attention from “50 Shades” fangirls at parties!

7. Buzz Lightyear & Woody

These frisky felines, posted by schnazbeary on Reddit, pull off our fave Toy Story characters perfectly!

6. Juno & Bleeker (#1)

What better way to deal with a pregnancy than to dress as America’s favorite teen parents? Posted by imclassthx on Reddit.

5. Juno & Bleeker (#2)

This gender-bending version of Juno and Paulie Bleeker, posted by meowalyson, made us laugh!

4. Banksy Art

A costume inspired by the street artist, Banksy, is perfect for parties this holiday.

3. Breaking Bat

Posted by Reddit user BigBear94, this “half-ass combo costume” is the perfect way to pay homage to both Heisenberg and the dark knight.

2. Ewok

rabidxglow’s adorable pup looks even cuter dressed as an Ewok from Star Wars!

1. Tiny Mr. T

This adorable kid, posing as the ever-so-tough Mr. T, was posted on Reddit by user cosmokramer7. “Pity the fool!”


What are your favorite costumes this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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