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Quick Tips to Avoid Hangover

The Hangover
The Hangover

It’s 9:30 AM and you’re laying in your bed cotton mouth, head spinning, and feeling like a semi truck ran you over last night. No matter how hard you pray, the pain killers just don’t seem to hop out of the medicine cabinet and make their way over to your mouth with a bottle water. I’m sure you’re hating yourself right now and dreading the fact that you drank like a dirty pirate last night, but we’ve all been there. Taking shot after shot, mixing alcohols with red bulls or tonics, and chugging beer as if someone told you that starting tomorrow there was a ban on Budweiser.
We all have experienced this pain, and as a college student I’m sure we’ll experience it again, but there are a few tricks that help you to not feel so crappy the next morning so you can successfully make it to class, work, or to a meeting the next day.


  • Eat, it will help absorb the alcohol
  • Drink some fruit juice, preferably juice with vitamin B and C. Taking these vitamins will help replace the nutrition that the alcohol erased
  • Consume water, it never hurts to make sure you’re hydrated


  • Order fruit cocktails over soda or energy drinks, especially if you’re not an experienced drinker.
  • Drink at your own speed you don’t have to keep up with everyone at the party
  • Don’t mix liquors, if it’s a vodka night only drink vodka
  • Order water with each drink to help stay hydrated
  • Set a limit on how much you plan on drinking and stick with it


  • Once you’re done drinking consider eating something, greasy fast food is usually the choice
  • Drink a glass or two of water
  • Consider taking a few pain killers; sometimes the painkillers will reduce the pain sensation in the morning
  • In the morning make yourself toast to help soak up the alcohol
  • Drink or eat fruits to replenish nutrition that the liquor eliminated
  • Make sure you actually get a good nights rest to help restore your body

These are few tips to help make your morning a little more bearable, although you may be captain drink a lot in the evenings you’re still a college student during the day and we all have responsibilities that we have to tend to. Remember to stay hydrated take you’re multiple vitamins through fruit or sports drinks and eat a little something and you’ll be good as new and able to return to you’re drinking duties at night.


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