Posted 10/16/12 by Brinton Parker in Fashion

5 Makeup Tricks You Should Be Using

It seems that ladies are always looking for ways to enhance their beauty regimen, so here is a list of simple makeup tricks that will completely revitalize one’s cosmetic routine… for the better!

1. Tight-Line Your Eyes

A very simple way to make your lashes look lush is to tight-line your eyes. This process consists of lining your inner top lid with dark liner, then using mascara as normal. Voila! Perfectly full lashes.


2. Contour Your Face

If you’ve ever watched “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” or a Victoria’s Secret runway show, you’ve seen facial contouring. Using highlighting powder, blush, and bronzer, one can completely alter the appearance of their facial structure! Check out Youtube tutorials for facial contouring based on your face shape, or this convenient chart from The Beauty Department for instructions.


3. Switch to a Kitten Eye

Some girls like to slather the dark liner onto their faces for a full cat eye, even during the daytime. A way to achieve this sultry pin-up look without seeming like you’re off to the club is to embrace the kitten eye: a more toned-down version of the cat eye. Rather than lining all the way down to the inner corner of your eyes, start a thin line over your iris and continue it to the outside edge of your eye. Then add a very small swoop outward rather than a dramatic curl, and you’re ready to purr!


4. Hightlight & Brighten Your Eyes

One of the easiest ways to brighten your face and seem more awake is to sweep a bit of champagne or silver shadow outward from the inner corners of your eyes. This reduces the appearance of dark circles under one’s eyes, makes the eye seem more open, and gives a chic touch to an everyday look.


5. Add a Pop of Color

For a playful way to add color to a neutral outfit or face, add a thin line of a bright color underneath your eyes and all the way to the inside corner. This is quick, simple, and is sure to garner many compliments!



Brinton Parker

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