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Tattooed Barbie

tattoo barbie
tattoo barbie

We’ve all been out of the Barbie stage for quite some time, so maybe you haven’t been caught up to date on the newest doll to hit the market. Typical Barbies are freakishly perfect, void the fact that it’s said to be scarily unrealistic.

The Tokidoki Barbie is nearly opposite of what comes to mind when you think doll. Forget the blonde flowing locks, the frilly dress and pink purse.

The only similarities are the measurements.

The pink short hair and black skull and cross bones shirt are the least of the changes made to this internationally populized child’s toy. Remove the shirt, and you’ll find tattooes on her left bicep, upper chest and that’s accompanied by full back ink.

Needless to say, in the age of helicopter parents, this has caused a huge controversy. The Barbie has always been a doll that inspired young girls, and to think, 4 year olds could be inspired to want tattoos. NOT okay.

…has parents worried that the doll may influence little girls to get tattoos. – Arbitrage Magazine

But here we go again. If you don’t want your daughter, or possibly son, to be exposed to this kind of thing. Don’t buy it for them. It’s really that easy.

So what do you think? Is tattoo Barbie a bad influence or have the times changed just enough that they’re playing to our generation?


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