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2 Young Entrepreneurs Take On The Lottery

sunset and rocks
sunset and rocks

“It was a day like any other, driving in your car, fighting traffic. It was like any other day…until it wasn’t.” Millions of Californians heard this lead in phrase followed by a slow, anticipation building choral of the song “California Dreaming” as they sat stuck in traffic on the 5 freeway this year. It was one of the many CA lottery radio ads that play to the hope of something better.

It is the ultimate american dream: walk into a store, plunk down a dollar, and with nothing but a little luck your entire life changes. Suddenly, you’re rich as a sultan with enough cash to buy an entire island, all of your financial burdens washed away.

The odds of that actually happening, of course, are astronomical. But tell that to the optimists and dreamers who collectively spend over 50 billion each year as they line up at gas stations, mini markets, and drug stores nationwide.

The ad gets the job done, it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up as the desire to improve your life in a way that’s driven by fantasy overcomes you.

1x1.trans 2 Young Entrepreneurs Take On The Lottery

The same ad has also sparked the creation of an interesting new business model, a new way to win. Two young entrepreneurs, Bryan Hawkins and Ben Umber, say the ad inspired them to provide a more promising moment of relief from the daily grind – Freeway. “We might not have a 650 million jackpot, but a year supply of your favorite goods, the latest tech product, or a brand new Tesla still has a damn nice ring to it”, says Bryan. Sound too good to be true…these two say think again.

What is Freeway? Freeway is a mobile product discovery platform, designed help users find products that spark their interest while giving them a chance at winning big. It is simple – users get points each day for logging in that they can use to play games for a chance to win products that they choose.

If you didn’t catch it in the name, yes it completely free. How is this all possible? To really understand how the the business works one needs a decent knowledge of digital advertising. Basically, large companies are spending insane amounts of money as they fight to gain exposure in the digital space. “These companies are willing to spend to reach their target consumers and we have found a way to pay it forward to our users”. Freeway has thousands of dollars in products available on the platform that are literally up for grabs.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself. Freeway launched on June 29th and has apps available on the Android and IOS platforms. Download today to test your luck and see what you can win. For more information visit www.playfreeway.com.

If you want to check it out look here:

IOS App Page: bit.ly/VGDIps 

Android App Page: bit.ly/1mVwWGk


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