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The Ultimate Guide: College Style for Men


Don’t Look Back. The Old You Is Gone. Welcome the New, Better, You.


You are becoming– if not already are– a young professional. Have you realized there’s more to style than having a few polos, button ups, and a Fossil watch you got for Christmas a few years ago? LTCL is going help you create a wardrobe of sophistication and elegance which we hope can be a catalyst for your fruitful career and endeavors. Prepare to take on the twenty-first century– drop the pin stripes and aggressive plaids because it’s time to transform yourself into a contemporary, smart, well put together, man.


Fit Your Clothes Correctly

Simple techniques make all the difference. Take a closer look at the clothes you wear and get rid of articles you’ve kept for no reason. No more High School spirit shirts, or those old shorts with the ink stain.

Start by checking your shirts. Are they the correct length on you? Too short and you’re a belly dancer, too long and you’re wearing a hot dress. A rule of thumb for an untucked shirt is to have it fall 2 inches past your pant line. It’s good to double check and raise your arms in front of a mirror–the shirt should show no stomach.

Next, check your shoulder seem. Shoulders are very important to notice in a shirt; make sure the seem is at the curve of your shoulders. Take a look at the tabs below with diagrams you can use as reference.

When shopping keep in mind different companies make different sizes– even if they claim to be a “standard size”. Large is not always large so learn what brands fit you and what cuts are appropriate for your body type. You’re done growing by the time you’re in college, you can keep your clothes for much longer now.


Well Fitted Button Shirt

Well Fitted T-Shirt

Well Fit Jeans

Properly Rolled Sleeves


Pay Attention to Footwear

There is more to shoes than the running shoes and dress shoes. Leave the shocks in the gym and look for a nice pair of casual leather shoes. These should be for casual nights out so I recommend a rubber sole. Make sure it’s as comfortable as it is stylish. I don’t recommend a shoe with frilly or ornate details. Leather shoes will look great with a pair of slim fitted jeans. Click the tabs below for example images.

Relaxed Casual

Banana Republic. Shown worn with brown leather Sperrys.

Dressy Casual

Jeans by The Gap. This shoe has a simple design. The foot has a round tip and retracted laces giving it a very clean -glossed look. These are still casual, a bit more dressy than Sperrys but could easily be worn with a jacket outside. Keep the rubber bottoms and save yourself the pain.

Edgy Casual

Okay, so the last two were simple setups with a clean safe feel. But I know there are times you need to have a little more going on so I threw in an example of shoes worn with rolled up jeans. Hipsters are big fans of this trend. If done right, anyone can rock this look.


Have a Good Pair of Dark Jeans

Every man’s wardrobe should come with a pair of dark denim jeans. Purchase a pair with minimal to no wear or whiskers. Quality denim shouldn’t need the flash to stand out. A good pair of dark jeans will be subtle and complete the rest of your outfit.

Deisel Jeans




Be a Man- Not a Boy

Gym-shorts and T-shirts ruled in middle school and slowly faded into high school. Your in college now, it’s time to reassess yourself and your closet. Growing is no longer an issue and people’s impressions of you are starting to matter more and more. Now you have a job and can afford to invest in clothes without having to worry about outgrowing them. You need to realize making first impressions may take place with potential employers or even your future partner at any moment. I don’t recommend you wait till the day before an interview to develop a sense of style. Take time to evaluate your wardrobe and garner the right mixture of clothing needed for a young professional. I understand there are days you want to dress comfortably and throw something on quickly but you need to start to use those days more sparingly.




Ignore Fashion

You can’t afford it. Fashion moves too quickly and you won’t be able to keep up. Even those who live it can barely keep up. Understand that fashion brands need to stay in business so they create new trends for fools who need to have latest and greatest. You’re smarter than that and you’re going to stick to the classic looks that never go out of style. Try and find colors you look good in, and coordinate seasonal tones with your outfits.

Reasons to stop chasing fashion:

  • You have to purchase designer clothing with ridiculous price tags.
  • It lasts for about a week before it’s out of style and then you may not be able to wear it again.
  • Many times fashion can be loud and you run the risk of appearing like you’re trying too hard.

Just because you ignore fashion doesn’t mean you ignore style. Your style should be timeless. You should have a wardrobe with a variety of classic looks. Stay clean, this tip will keep you sharp and save your valuable time and money.



Maintain of Your Clothing

Clothing is made of different fabrics with fibers that react completely differently when washed. If you plan to invest in a sophisticated wardrobe, then you need to take care of it because it’s not going to be cheap. There is no reason you should be replacing clothing every few years either. If you buy something that is higher quality, spend the time and learn how to properly maintain it. You will notice the money you’re saving soon enough.




Matching is King

How much time should you spend piecing together an outfit? That depends on the situation, but you should understand the basics. Whether you drive to the store or attend a business conference, coordinating an outfit properly should become second nature. Piecing together a wardrobe is a skill, and like any other skill– it takes time and practice to master. So learn to match colors, fabric textures, and patterns.


Accessories Enhance

Learning how to properly accessorize is as important as learning how to tie your shoes. Before you purchase an accessory whether it be a watch, bracelet, or hat, take time and think through how it will complement the clothes you already own. You should also think about when you will wear it. If it’s something like a nice watch you might not wear it every day and save it for special occasions. So DO NOT buy a nice accessory like a dress watch and wear it every Friday night with a polo– that is tacky and shows you have no idea what you’re wearing other than you wasted your money on a nice watch and think a house party is a good place to show off your lack of style.

In the coming weeks we plan to expand this guide into more detailed sub articles to not only tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, but how you should do it.

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