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9 Signs She Likes You

Decoding Her Fliriting

How do you know if she really likes you? How much would men pay to read a girls mind? Well, you don’t need to pay, here are 9 ways to decode those confusing signals you may get from women. The following points come from surveys of many college girls. If you ask yourself, why cant she just be straight forward? Why can’t she just tell me that she likes me? Well, that would require another article. For now, here are the 9 signs she likes you:


  1. Preening: When you walk into a room and a girl adjusts her hair, its called “preening.” So, if you see her adjust clothing or redo her make up, this is a clear sign she’s interested. She wants to look good for you.
  2. Nervous: Even if she’s confident, she may be nervous. Notice hints such as a slight stutter or fidgeting with her hands. This is all completely normal and may be more noticeable on some girls than others. Blushing is also a classic giveaway.

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  3. Eye Contact: Short burst of eye contact. This is something she might do from across the room. She might glance over, then look away, then glance again. This is a great sign. If she does this 4 times it means she’s thinking about talking to you. Another sign would be if she holds a stare for longer than three seconds. Studies show if you are attracted you will hold the glance for more than three seconds. She probably thinks you’re cute. If you’re interested, go up to her and introduce yourself.
  4. Damsel in Distress: If you’re with a girl and she seems in need, she will give you the subtle hints that she needs you. For example, if she asks you to lend her your jacket when it’s not that cold, or mentions that she’s frightened of the scary movie and needs someone to watch it with. This is all great. Time for you to help her out, big guy.
  5. Touchy-Feely: She might be very close to you when you’re both talking. When she gets close to let you know something, look for the way she uses her hands. She might also grab your hand to take you somewhere. This is usually a sign that she’s interested.
  6. Going Where You Go: This is no coincidence. If you talk to a girl about going somewhere later and you run into her, this usually means she made plans to see you. So if you’re getting food, and she happens to be there with one of her friends– Yes.
  7. Making Fun: If you are with her and her friends, and you see her friends making fun of her, whispering, or giggling, this is a sure sign shes interested and has probably been talking about it. May not happen as much when you get older but this is not something to be over looked.
  8. Girlfriend?: Bringing up your love life. If she asks if you are talking to any girls or have a girlfriend, this is her scoping out your love life to see if there is room for her.
  9. Flirty: If you have your friends over and you see her a little flirtatious, she’s checking to see your reaction. She may even bring up the boyfriend she doesn’t have. She may also talk about how hot a movie star is, or she might even show you a picture of a pretty friend she has and ask you what you think. She wants to check your reaction and see how you react.

Hope these tips help. Now get out there, be confident, and let the girls tell you what you want to hear.


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