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3 Dream Jobs That We Want

As a college student, it’s often scary to think about graduating and entering the work-force. With 44% of young college graduates un- or under-employed, major companies like Condé Nast ending their internship programs, and a generally bleak future for many hardworking students, simply entertaining ideas about job-hunting is majorly frightening. However, don’t lose hope! Here are a few incredible dream jobs that would be extremely fun and rewarding.

Investigative Journalism Correspondent for VICE

VICE’s Ryan Duffy exploring the wild Japanese underground sex culture for a story.

He’s seen some gnarly stuff, to put it mildly. Meeting Kim Jong-un, voluntarily taking a bullet to the gut, and covering the Arab Spring revolutions in the Middle East are a few of the crazy things that Ryan Duffy’s job as a VICE correspondent has allowed him to do over the past couple of years. Speaking candidly about his job in a Reddit AMA yesterday, Duffy recalled his start at Vice: “I had an advisor at college who suggested I intern somewhere. I said if I was going to work for free, it would only be at my favorite magazine, VICE. That was in 2002/2003. I’ve been here ever since. Lots has changed for VICE over that decade, but the constant has been that I get to work with my best friends to make awesome sh*t we believe in.” 

Essentially, Ryan Duffy gets paid to travel the world, bringing awareness to under-reported issues, with VICE’s trademark firsthand perspective. That’s something we can definitely get on board with.

Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru

Having a job as a Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Guru would be a dream come true.

According to Ben and Jerry’s, flavor gurus “spend their days and nights tasting the best food in the world, then they mix, blend, chop, whip, fold, puree, and taste, taste, taste until they come up with an unrivaled pint of pure ice cream euphoria.” With a description like that, who wouldn’t want a job as an ice-cream flavor creator?!

Lego Master Builder

Steve Gerling sits next to one of his spectacular Lego creations.

Every kid in America has entertained this idea at one point or another… building lego sculptures for a living. For Steve Gerling, that idea became a reality. In an interview with CareerThoughts.com, he described his job as such: “We design and create big models; we design and create building events — anything that’s going to enhance the LEGO experience for consumers.” Gerling gets to explore the seemingly endless possibilities found in a box of Legos and create masterpieces every day at work. If that’s not a dream job, we don’t know what is!


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