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Perfect Valentine’s Day Dates That You Can Afford

Valentine’s Day can be a bit rough in college. Money is tight, which can make many people feel too embarrassed to take their sweetheart out on a celebratory date. However, LTCL is here to help. Here are some awesomely inexpensive date ideas for this Valentine’s Day!

For the Child at Heart

Dating (or want to date) somebody that’s a total childlike spirit? Perfect! Not only will they be a great significant other, but they will also find entertainment in pretty much all situations. Take this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to embrace your inner child with your Valentine!Avengers

Cheap: Take your date to a matinee showing of “The Lego Movie” and grab hot chocolate (with extra mini marshmallows, of course!) afterward.

Cheaper: Bring home some chicken nugget Happy Meals and play a board game like Monopoly or Life.

Cheapest: Cut out some heart-shaped PB&J sandwiches and stream a classic Disney flick on Netflix or Youtube.

The Total Romantic

This is the person who absolutely lives for Valentine’s Day. Rather than making you ultra nervous, this should excite you- your date will find a romantic aspect to anything you treat him/her to!

If you stay with me, girl, we can rule the world. (Explored)

Cheap: There’s nothing more romantic than a home-cooked meal and a long nighttime walk. Cook something special for your honey, pour some wine, dip some strawberries in chocolate, and then hold their hand as you take a stroll through the neighborhood. If you live in a snowy area, wrap them in a blanket and turn on a “fire” instead! 

Cheaper:  Bake a pizza with pepperoni in a heart shape, and stream a romantic flick online. Make sure to give them plenty of kisses, compliments, and deep eye-gazes. 

Cheapest: Check out a book of love poetry from the library and read your sweetie a poem that really speaks to you about them. Writing them a long love letter would surely win their heart this Valentine’s Day, as well. 

The Adventurer

As long as you think up an exciting date for this Valentine, you’re going to be showered with holiday love. Your significant other enjoys the thrill of something new, and isn’t afraid of a challenge.

Grand Canyon - Lower Tapeats Campground at the Colorado River

Cheap: Allocate $10 each and head to the nearest thrift store. Pick out the wackiest outfits that you can for one another, and then wear the crazy duds out for dessert. For extra hilarity, you can take photos of funny reactions to your outfits!

Cheaper: Pack a meal, bundle up, and head out for a hike at your nearest wilderness area. You’ll be able to see beautiful things together, and spend some quality time talking to your Valentine. 

Cheapest: Most universities have a type of tuition-included public transportation system: utilize this for an adventure! Take your Valentine on a different bus route that you’ve ever taken before, get off at a random stop, and explore the area hand-in-hand. However, check ahead of time for pickup times- you don’t want to get stranded across town!

 Have a good idea for our list of affordable Valentine’s Day dates? Let us know in the comments!

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