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Baby Bikini Onesie Angers Shoppers

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Slutty Baby?

Gordman’s department stores in Mississippi are selling bikini onesies. Parents are outraged by the white onesie for 18 month olds that features a curvaceous woman’s torso wearing a red bikini.
According to WebProNews, parents believe that the bikini onesie creates a sexual image for their young children.
“This onesie goes right past the “cool” factor and straight into the creepy zone… [let’s] allow our children to become hoochies the old fashioned way: by watching MTV and listening to explicit rap lyrics.” – Jo Ashline
I would have to agree, this seems crazy. The baby, being just a year and a half, has no choice in what they wear – honestly, I think this onesie reflects poorly on the parents that choose to put their baby girl in this clothing choice.
But some mothers think differently and see the humor in it all.
What do you think? Is it too controversial to sell a bikini onesie or are we all overreacting?

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