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How to Get Her Number Using Pokemon Pickup Lines


Gotta catch them all

College students today all share the fond childhood memory of Pokemon. Getting that Charzard in the booster pack was a dream come true for a few of you lucky trainers. Showing up the next day to class like it was no big deal, but Jenny in class still thought you were the sh*t with that Ninetails, you liked it too. Too bad that shinny card doesn’t work anymore and once legendary Charzard rests in the dusty old binder in your basement. You can only hope your grand kids will be as lucky as this guy and make a fortune off your old card collection someday.

1x1.trans How to Get Her Number Using Pokemon Pickup Lines

Now guys, we’ve had to adapt with the years. Our skills of scoring holographics have been replaced with the art of picking up women. This skill still involves a little luck and a lot of money.

After seeing footage of some Comicon ladies you would think some of these girls might actually fall for a line about Pokemon. If you can keep a straight face, show confidence, and have a good delivery it should work. Reminding her of her childhood memories is a good icebreaker and can set you up to land a number, maybe more.  The guys from simplepickup have even tested this theory, and we now have proof this will work. So let’s start listing some of these lines. Have your buddy do these if he loses a bet or maybe you have the courage to try these at a bar or on campus.




Lines Used:


You are so hot, that you just woke up the Snorelax. *Pause for 3 seconds*…. In my pants.

Listen, you seriously need to stop flirting with me, otherwise I am going to be attempted to Rattata(p) that ass.

I have a proposition for you, I will be your Nidoking and you can be my Nidoqueen. *Keep a straight face and look into her eyes*

Some girls like it from the front, some girls like it from the back, and I mean, I bet you like in in the Meowth.

*Go up to a group girls and say, “If you three were all Pokemon, I would choose all three of you.”

You: Would you like to go on a date right now?

Her: Uhmm? No, sorry.

You: But I have master balls…….. That doesn’t help with the whole date thing? Do you know what it’s like to have master balls?  I do.

When it comes to sex, do you like it fast or are you a fan of the Slowpoke?

You guys just made my Weedle use String Shot

I had to shave my pubes last night to get rid of my Krabby (krabbies)

You have very nice Jigglypuffs… are they real? Can I confirm?

My Caterpie just evolved into a Metapod

Me, you, and your boyfriend will have a Dugtrio

We should exchange contact information… who knows, I might even Raichu a poem via text.



Guys: Can you come up with your own Pokemon line?

Ladies: Would any of these work on you?



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