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Dark Knight Rises 13 Minute Preview & Ending Prediction


Dark Knight Rises Long Trailer

The official Dark Knight Rises 13 Minute behind-the-scenes preview.

The shorter previews don’t don’t cut it for many hardcore fans. You can only replay short trailers so many times! This trailer is presented much less traditionally, with extra content you usually only see on DVD’s special features. It shows more of the cast and crew on-set during production with more clips of the film sprinkled throughout.

1x1.trans Dark Knight Rises 13 Minute Preview & Ending Prediction

The Dark Knight Rises Ending

Bane, played by none other than British bad*ss, Tom Hardy, has risen as Batman’s equal. Equally intelligent and strong if not stronger. This villain will end the movie with Batman on the edge of life and death. Chris Nolan previous films, after all, include Momento and Inception. I sense an Inception-type ending here, where audience debate what really happened for weeks. Quote me on that. Bane is the only villain who has even come close to killing Batman, according to comic’s history. He broke Batman’s back in the 90’s but didn’t actually kill him so I feel Nolan could take it either way.

An interesting quote that seems to foreshadow the beaten Bruce Wayne to finally give everything he has is shown around the end of the preview.

Catwoman- You don’t owe these people anything anymore. You have given them everything.

Bruce Wayne- Not everyhting… not yet.

With TDKR, Chris Nolan has left no stone unturned. With a seemingly bottomless budget estimated at around $250 million and an all-star cast, he better deliver too. After nearly ten years of working on this Batman trilogy we demand and deserve a satisfying ending.

Every great story deserves a great ending- Chris Nolan

This thirteen minute clip explains a little more of what went into the movie. All I know is I will be there at midnight on July 19th to see my child hood hero. Oh and #AnnHathawayinthattightCatwomanoutfit… Enjoy.


So, are you as excited to see TDKR? Why or why not? Let us know below.


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