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    This is going to be where you introduce yourself to other writers!

    Writers are the backbone of the website and produce excellent content that reaches thousands of students. Our work has a lot of influence on others, so it is important for us to warm up to each other.

    Our articles help others with their issues in many categories that include relationships, health, success, fashion, etc. It’s important to know what other writers struggle with or worry about and what they are proud of. That’s why I picked the following questions.

    Before we publish you on LTCL, please answer the following:

    Answer the following questions:

    What makes you, you?

    Greatest fear/weakness in life?

    What accomplishment you are most proud of?





    Alex Cruz

    What makes me, me:

    I would say I have this inexplicable drive to create something that matters. I feel like I need to create something that will have a large impact on people regardless if I know them or not. The feeling I get when I know I made a difference, inspired, or influenced someone in a positive way gives me the feeling of purpose.

    Greatest Fear/Weakness

    I’m afraid of things I can’t control that also have a potentially large impact on my life. I guess you could say health and love would both fall under that category. There are some really great solutions to these issues I’ve been reading about which might make for a good article soon!

    Most proud Accomplishment:

    On a lighter note, I would say my greatest accomplishment was when I got to interview Gary Vaynerchuk. He is one of my idols because of his story and his accomplishments. You can find the interview on LTCL if you’re interested. He literally gets paid 40-50K to do talks in conferences and he was nice enough to do a interview for LTCL for free. I’ve also always been the kind of person who asked myself what’s stopping me from doing “That”. After accomplishing that interview I have been wanting to plan more big accomplishments for myself.

    Helping others through this website and reaching just about every country in the world is also an extremely rewarding feeling.


    Your turn! Don’t be afraid to open up and reply to others!

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    Brinton Parker

    What Makes You You:

    I think what makes me uniquely me is my ability to be goal oriented (I have so much that I want to do!) and hard working, but also live in the now and enjoy time with loved ones. I make memories while also striving to be the best I can be, now and in the future.

    Greatest Fear/Weakness:

    Aside from spiders and heights, I’d say dying alone without having made a lasting impact on the world. Also, having all of these places on my bucket list and never having the means or time to go see them.

    Most Proud Accomplishment:

    Remaining true to myself despite being involved in the fashion industry and living in a college situation where it’s so easy to lose sight of who you are.


    Rachel Crocetti

    What makes you you?

    I’d say the one thing that is most inexplicably “me” is my enthusiasm for everything that I do. I shamelessly throw my entire heart and soul into every new project and endeavor in my life. Whether it’s something simple like a new workout regime or something more important like an internship, I am accustomed to giving everything 100%.

    Greatest Fear/Weakness?

    I am afraid of some silly things (namely, clowns. Ugh.) but one of my greatest fears is that I will miss out on some great opportunity. I have so many things that i’d love to do with my life, and I fear that I won’t have time to accomplish everything!

    Most Proud Accomplishment?

    There are two major moments in my life that i’m particularly proud of. One would be giving a speech at my high school graduation in front of about 1000 people, and the other would be getting an RA position this year when I was up against over 200 applicants, with only 50 getting the job. Both times, I really put myself out there while staying completely true to myself and I am proud of that.


    Megan Prinzi

    What makes me who I am?

    I think what makes me who I am would have to be all the things I have gone through in my life. Man have I gone through a lot! Good and bad. My family is my biggest inspiration. My baby sister Jordan is my biggest fan and the one I work hard to show even though you may come from nothing you can be a big something! I think we have all gone through things in our life that shape us and that is how we are able to make such amazing connections with each other. I set high goals for myself..but none too high. I have already accomplished so much at 23! =]

    My greatest fear or weakness…

    My greatest fear would be failing financially. Telling my family we can’t have things no matter how big or small because I have failed them financially. A weakness of mine is definitely procrastination. I stress myself out sometimes just waiting until the last minute to write that 5 page paper or submit that assignment at 11:55 when it’s due at 11:59…I think we have all been there #LTCL.

    Most proud accomplishment…

    One of my few would have to be getting into Maryville University. One of the top over performing private schools in the country and well known for their nursing program. I cried when I got accepted. It’s been a long hard road to get to where I am now. Also, being the first, youngest, female, and only former receptionist to become a sales rep at my work was a HUGE one. The automotive industry is a male dominant industry so to be a female owning it…feels so good! Topping it off would be my relationship. I could not have asked for a better man and let me tell you keeping up with such a good looking, successful, outgoing guy and keeping our love burning strong is an accomplishment all in its own.



    Linzy Anna

    Hey hey hey! My name is Lindsay, but I often go by Linzy- catchy, right?! Anyways, I’m about to graduate (May freakin’ 17th, can’t believe it) from the University of Missouri with a degree in Journalism and minor in Business. At the moment, I do not have an after graduation job lined up . I’m hoping to work as a copywriter, editorial writer or as a social media coordinator. I’m huge into advertising, marketing and writing. I’m also a professional model and actress and hope to expand on that after I hit the real world!

    What makes you, you?
    My resilience and determination. I have been knocked down in almost every way possible; and yet I still push myself to deliver my absolute best and never give up. I’m a fighter, not a quitter. I have withstood so much and am very amazed that I have come so far in my life already. I continue to move forward despite my failures and displeasures. I have a strength in me that continually surprises me and people tend to describe me as a strong person; mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Greatest fear/weakness in life?
    My weakness is that I am way too hard on myself. I have problems seeing the good things I have done and usually only see the areas I am struggling in or have failed in. People assume that I have a lot of confidence; but in reality I am generally battling myself in my head and knocking myself off my own horse. It can be quite counter-productive. As they say, you are your worse critic.

    What accomplishment you are most proud of?
    As cliche as this is, I am proud of something I did in high school. In my school district, we have a very prestigious scholarship program called Cotillion for Achievement. It is a scholarship program that picked the “best of the best” of high school seniors within the area. Since my sophomore year when a close friend was nominated, I had wanted to be a finalist in Cotillion. I worked extremely hard the following two years and was overjoyed to find out I got in! Cotillion teaches the group of students, 10 boys and 10 girls, about etiquette, interviewing, community involvement, team development and many more skills. At the end of the program, each candidate is interviewed by a panel of 5 important individuals representing different parts of the community. There is a formal ball at the end, at which the winner of the main scholarship is announced. One boy and one girl are recognized as the top finalist, and I won for the girls. I had never been so proud of myself and for once in my life, I had accomplished a high goal I had set for myself.


    Jasmine Lowe

    I’ve tried introducing myself two times already, but I guess it never went through. My name is Jasmine and I’m a freelance writer and grad student at Cal State Fullerton in the Communications program.

    What makes you, you?

    I believe my drive, determination and passion for writing makes me who I am. I love hearing and sharing stories and I hope to continue doing so in the future.

    Greatest fear/weakness in life?

    My greatest weakness is my tendency to always procrastinate. I’m terrible about putting off major projects, but I usually finish them, eventually.

    What accomplishment you are most proud of?

    I think my biggest accomplishment was the first time I ever seen my name in a print magazine, followed by the first time that I ever seen my name in print, and then when I got published in the Huffington Post. They are all sort of on that same level so it’s hard to really choose between them.



    Jasmine! Very sorry about it not going through!! I’m glad it finally worked. If you ever have any other issues posting or anything else on the site, please let me know. Thanks for sharing! :)

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