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Fresh Music: The Dirty Heads – Dance All Night

Dance all Night Lyrics

“Dance All Night”
(feat. Matisyahu)

You better dance all night
You gonna make it right
Until we all fall down, we all fall down
Cause it’s you that I’ve been missing
[x2]Top of the world, peak of my high
Don’t look now I just took flight
Apocalypse now, we own the night
Got two choices surf or fly
Skate or die, sink or swim
Crash or fly, look within
I do not let this bullshit phase me I see lights and I go crazy
Cool is the wind, dark is the sky
Blackbird sings in the dead of the night
Take these broken joints and get high
take your worries kiss ’em goodbye
Tonight has been so amazing
I see you and i go crazy
You put me into this trance
I hear music lets danceWe ain’t gonna stop now, dancing on top
We ain’t gonna stop now, no[Chorus x2]I be bold like a leopard, fierce like a lion
Like an eagle flying across the sky, and they wonder why
when they ponder on the creation of his majesty
I believe in we, I believe in you and me
As we swim upon the ocean, swim on the sea
Wont you please come with me, running up into the hills
And the trees we can fall down through the tumbleweedsI will be our king, you will be my kingdom
I will promise to sing them[Chorus x2]

You know were gonna act like there’s one last day
and you don’t have to ask cause you know I’m gonna say
make it one more round, yeah one more round
You know we’re gonna act like there’s one last day
and you don’t have to ask cause you know I’m gonna say
make it one more round, yeah one more round

[Chorus x2]

Check out The Dirty Heads. Flow with a mellow and slight reggae feel that makes you want to sit back and chill before going out to a party. This band is catchy and has a California sound I personally really like. What do you guys think?




“It starts with the title. No matter where you are or what’s going on, when you hear this record, we want to transport you to this place, this ‘Cabin by the Sea.’”, says Heads front man Jared “Dirty J” Watson of the new album Cabin by the Sea.

For the SoCal rock/reggae/hip-hop band, Cabin represents more than just good vibes. It’s the culmination of years of hard work and endless touring, and a chance to refine and improve on their breakthrough, 2008’s Any Port in the Storm.  That’s not an easy act to follow – their debut album featured one of the decade’s biggest rock singles, “Lay Me Down” (which spent eleven weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Alternative Chart, a record for an independent release and more than any single that year by anyone, including The Black Keys, Kings of Leon and 30 Seconds to Mars) and a shout-out in Rolling Stone as one of year’s best new bands.

But the Heads knew better things lay ahead. “Last time was our first time in the studio, working with a producer,” says Watson. “This time out, we nailed it. We trimmed the fat and got the sound we were always going for.”


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