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Rostam’s 30 – Bentley2Doors Interview


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Rostam's30 Finished

Rostam’s 30 is LTCL Magazine’s new initiative led by DJ Rostam to introduce new hot artists to our college readers. Simply put, we interview these artists with 30 questions and provide their music links for you to download and listen to daily. Let us know what you think about Bentley2Doors with a comment below!

Originally from Kansas City, MO, Bentley2Doors is an upcoming music talent on the web and a friend of mine residing in Columbia, MO. He’s simply great at what he does. While in Columbia, he holds shows in the great town of ‘Mizzou’ representing the ‘Tigers’ and his hometown Kansas City. He’s a realist, a believer and a dreamer as he says. He expresses  his feelings/emotions/thoughts through his sounds. Check out his music and story and be sure to follow him on Twitter for more interaction.


When you can taste your dreams there’s nothing that can wash out that flavor. – Bentley2Doors

  1. Full Name: Ise’ah Damone Bentley
  2. Stage Name: Bentley2Doors
  3. Occupation: Emcee
  4. Genre: Hip Hop/RnB
  5. Gender: Male
  6. Age: 23
  7. Where did your stage name come from?  Bentley2Doors derives from my last name ‘Bentley’ mixed with ‘2’ which represents peace, & ‘Doors’ symbolizes chasing my dreams and busting through the doors and obstacles that life brings.
  8. Where are you from?  Born in Kansas City, MO, raised in Columbia, MO.
  9. Where did you start your career? Columbia, MO.
  10. What city do you represent? Columbia & Kansas City!
  11. What gave you that initial push? My brother Nathaniel Jeroe Bentley, was murdered when I was 18. That pushed me towards music more than ever. Burying my older brother at the young age of 22, really made me appreciate the small things in life. Music was always something I loved. I had been writing poems and freestyling since I was 14, but I got serious about it when he was killed. That’s when it became my passion!
  12. How long have you been in the industry? Going on 3 Years!
  13. If you had to give a thank-you speech, who would you thank and what would you say?  I’d say thank you to God for getting me through many obstacles and blessing me! Thank you to my strong, beautiful, single mother for believing in me and always motivating me to be real, caring and a better man! My family and friends for their support through my journey to become Bentley2Doors! Also the fans, because this is who I do it for, YOU!
  14. What makes you a softie? A Spanish broad with green eyes and a colgate smile, makes my knees weak.
  15. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? That’s already my outlook on life bro, you never fail you only learn! I believe in timing, so I will keep doing what I’m doing G!
  16. What are three hobbies of yours other than what you do?  Basketball, drawing and I love watching movies.
  17. Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi.
  18. Rap or Hip Hop? Hip Hop.
  19. House or Dubstep? Dubstep.
  20. What do you eat a lot more than anything else? Gummy worms!
  21. What was the first event you ever played at/put on?  At The Blue note in Columbia, MO on April 3, 2010. Shout out to the homie June. I had a 7 minute slot, chopped up 3 songs and performed in font of 600 people. It was a great first experience!
  22. What are some of your accomplishments in the field?

I’ve performed at:
• The Blue Note
• The Bridge
• The Blue Fugue
• SAM’s Club
• Kampai Restaurant,
• Berlin Theatre
• Orr Street Studios
• Club Memoir
• Rockbridge Senior High School
• Hickman High School
• Stephens College
• Ellis Auditorium and The Arts and Science Center at MU
• Rap song/video for the 2011 MU girls volleyball team 
• Rap song for the 2011 MU basketball team 
• Rap song/video for the 2012 MU football team featuring GraMattyk

  1. What makes you different than everybody else in the industry? I rap, dance and sing. My songs are unique in a way where my sound is one of a kind from the punchlines to the melodies.
  2. Do you produce? If so do you prefer performing or producing?  No. I’m learning how to produce, play the guitar and the piano!
  3. Who would you love to perform with? Eminem, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J cole, Chris brown. MGK, and probably Rihanna!
  4. What’s your longterm goal? Long jevity to be a household name. I want to make my dreams come true so I can help people out that have been in my position and of course spread peace and love.
  5. When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out? It depends. After the club me and my homies might go to Waffle House or El rancho. But after a show, I go home and I write.
  6. Funniest thing that ever happened at an event? I saw this girl, and rapped a verse to her on stage. She told me she wanted to have my babys after I performed, then I saw her at Wally World like a week later with her Man, and he told me he had been bumping my CD that his girl gave him. Groovy!
  7. What advice would you give to up and coming artists? Stand out, be that ugly green neon splash that’s on a black canvas in the world & stay true to yourself.
  8. What are your goals for 2013?  In releasing a mixtape called ‘The Warm Up’ in February & my album ‘Good Vibes’ in March.  I also want to perform a lot more. Make Bentley2Doors known at Mizzou and across the world. Also getting an independent deal would be really legit.


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