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Springfield, MO: The Historical City Less Traveled

When you think of the country’s most historically significant cities, the first one that comes to mind may not be Springfield, Missouri. However, that may change when you discover all the little-known historical facts about Springfield as well as its many fascinating attractions that commemorate the historical sites in and around the city. As you make flight reservations and book hotels like the La Quinta Inn Springfield South, keep in mind that, once you’ve learned about the rich history of Springfield, you will likely long to discover it for yourself.

Discover the Legend of Route 66


The extraordinary, beloved Route 66 that has become a part of our national legend actually has its origins in Springfield. The city is recognized as the birthplace of Route 66. It became known as the “Mother Road,” and it was the first fully paved, numbered highway in the country. The Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven is not only a historically significant hotel, but also it has a fun, fifties-style look that helps visitors feel that they really have stepped back into history.

Observe the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail

The event that is now known as the Trail of Years is one of the most tragic events in our history as a country and culture. That is when over 16,000 Native Americans were forced from their homes by the American government and forced on a treacherous trail where many died. Part of the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail runs directly through Springfield, and you can walk it and observe this somber historical site. Part of it can also be traveled by car. It’s an important educational site, and you may go with a tour guide so that you learn as much as possible from the visit.

Learn About Folk Heroes

The once-infamous site of the Wild Bill Hickok – Davis Tutt shootout is also located in Springfield. Davis Tutt was an unassuming cowboy. However, in July of 1865, he had a run-in with gunfighter and gambler Wild Bill Hickok, and the two had a shoot-out with two pistols drawn in a public duel. Sadly, Tutt was shot and killed. While Tutt also shot at Hickock, he missed. You can go to the site of the Wild Bill Hickok – Davis Tutt shootout in Springfield and learn more about it with the downtown audio tour, and Tutt’s grave can be visited at the Springfield City Cemetery.

Stay Near Where History Was Made

When you are planning your trip to Springfield, you will likely want to stay near some of the historical attractions that the city has to offer. The University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center is near multiple historical sites and the Discovery Center of Springfield. The American Inn Ozark and Arbor Suites Medical Mile are near the Commercial Street Historic District.

I’m trying to build an ultimate resource on things to do with the historical aspects of Springfield. If you’ve been to Springfield and explored any of its historical sites, please add your thoughts and other tips below!

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