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The Return of “Arrested Development”… COME ON!

arrested development
arrested development

Mr. F(ans)

When I heard that “Arrested Development” would be returning for a new season on Netflix, I nearly blue myself with excitement. I’m a relatively newer fan of the show; my current roommate introduced me to the comedy when we still lived in the dorms. However, despite the fact that I’ve only loved it for two years or so, I feel a deep connection with the show’s witty humor and slightly obsessive fan-base. Quotes from the show seem eternally relevant, the zany characters represent exaggerated versions of people one comes across in everyday life, and the show’s subtlety creates an appreciation for the little things.

The excitement surrounding the show’s comeback has been huge and widespread. A promotional “Bluth’s Banana Stand” has been popping up for short stays in major tourist locations, such as London and New York City, and attracting fans worldwide. Netflix created a contest for fans to appear as extras on the show, and received thousands of submissions from hopeful AD-lovers. Internet buzz has been ripe with predictions about the plot, given that it’s set many years later than the original seasons and thus assuming that a lot has changed for the beloved Bluth family since the show’s end in 2006. Have Maeby and George Michael rekindled their cousin love? Has everyone’s favorite analrapist, Tobias Fünke, gotten any work in his new thespian career? Was Lucille able to make the same escape as the loose seal? Have the Bluth siblings (Lindsey, Gob, Buster, and Michael) forgiven their uncle-father for the stress he put them through with his law trouble?

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We Have Unlimited Juice? This Party’s Going to be Off the Hook!

Whether you’re planning on binge-watching all the episodes when they release (at once) on Netflix May 26th or spreading out the goodness as long as you can, a celebration is definitely in order. Here are some ideas for throwing the perfect AD release party:

  1. Invite everyone to dress as their favorite character, whether it’s by wearing a banana suit, a “Mr. Manager” tag with their polo shirt and khakis, a hook hand, a $6000 dollar suit (come on!), a letterman jacket with fists held high (Steve Holt!), a red tank top that says “SLUT,” or jean cutoffs with blue face paint.
  2. Serve AD-themed snacks such as corn-balls, chocolate covered bananas, mayon-eggs, hot ham water, and juice.
  3. Hang up a banner that says “Fans Love Arrested Development” (a la “Family Love Michael”).


Most Quotable Moments to Remember

  • “Has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?”
  • “Marry me!”
  • “…Her?”
  • “Daddy horny, Michael.”
  • “Illusions, Michael. Tricks are something a whore does for money!”
  • “Say goodbye to THESE!”
  • “Steve Holt!”
  • “There are dozens of us! Dozens!”
  • “I understand more than you’ll… never know.”
  • “You can always tell a Milford man…”
  • “And that’s why you always leave a note.”
  • “Dead Dove. Do not eat.”
  • “Annyong!”
  • “I guess you could say I’m… buy-curious.”
  • “For British eyes only.”
  • “It’s a FIRE… sale!”


There are so many more great moments and jokes in the show that it’s impossible to list them all. What are your favorite Arrested Development moments? Let me know in the comments! As for me… my excitement for the release is as plain as the nose on Ann’s face. May 26th, come sooner!

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