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10 Clues That He’s A Keeper

Let’s face it: ladies can sometimes be hard to please. However, when it comes to finding “the one”, having high standards is a good thing! While no two women are the same in their preferences for partners, certain characteristics are nearly sure-fire signals to ladies that a guy is a keeper. I’ve spoken with coworkers, friends, family, and classmates to determine the ultimate list of signals that a guy is boyfriend material.

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He’s not a playboy.

Some guys think that girls will be drawn to the flirtatious, in-demand attitude (and it’s true… some are). However, most girls know that when looking for a steady relationship, this is not the way to go. Trust is a necessary component of a healthy relationship, and if a guy is constantly flirting with other girls it will be hard to gain that with him.

He’s respectful.

The best kind of guy will have a deep respect for his partner, himself, and others. Supporting his girlfriend’s endeavors, treating her as an equal, and doing all he can to treat her loved ones in a similar manner are actions that a man can take that show respect, and thus are signals to women that he is boyfriend material.

He’s not two-faced.

One of the worst signs when dating somebody new is meeting their friends and witnessing an entirely different side to the person you’re seeing. A guy worth keeping is one who doesn’t have to put on a false front for anybody, whether it be to his girlfriend or his group of friends.

He’s genuine.

The worst kind of compliments to receive are those that are obviously not heartfelt. It’s disheartening to have a conversation with somebody when it’s apparent that they’re just waiting for their turn to talk rather than listening. It’s alarming to watch somebody be friendly to another person and then turn around to report that they don’t even like them. These are all bad signs when dating, so when girls meet a truly genuine guy (who says what he means and means what he says) they know to snatch him up.

He’s responsible.

Very few young women want to be in a relationship with a guy who can’t keep commitments, hold down a job, or fess up to his mistakes.

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He’s not a flake.

A keeper won’t ditch his friends to hang out with a girlfriend, or ditch her to hang out with his friends. He won’t leave his girl hanging on date night; he’ll stick to his plans and not let anybody down. No girl wants to be with somebody who will repeatedly stand them up when something else comes along.

He’s perceptive.

This is key: a true keeper won’t treat a date like she’s a prototypical girl. He knows that she is her own person with her own unique experiences, preferences, and emotions. Because of this, he will learn to treat a woman the way that she needs and want to be treated, not just like he has treated past girls because he thinks they’re all the same. Ladies want a man who knows them, not just one who thinks he does.

He’s well-rounded.

While a lot of girls love attention from their man, it’s never a good sign if they’re the only thing in his life. A relationship worth staying in is one that is well-rounded: he has friends, activities and interestes of his own, and things in his life aside from the person he’s dating. A keeper is a guy who understands balance.

He’s got goals.

It’s a good sign when a guy knows what he wants in his future. Striving for new accomplishments, experiences, and things of that nature will show a prospective girlfriend that he is committed, hardworking, and future-minded.

He’s continually striving to make you happy.

This is where they romantic comedy ideal guy stereotype comes from: girls want a guy who will bend over backwards to make them happy. Being romantic, showing interest in things that she loves, and being spontaneous will certainly win points from any girl who is on the lookout for a real relationship.

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