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According to Him: Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

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onogamy can be a tough concept for anyone to grasp, and everyone knows, at least somewhat, that breaking it is wrong. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop people from doing it. Just look at Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” Reality television, gossip magazines and the popularity of society’s most public figures thrive on cheating.

So, why do it? Why do men cheat? Don’t worry; we know women cheat, too. But for now, let’s focus on the gents. Trust me ladies; these results are not what you expect.

We asked 84 students what they thought about these common reasons men cheat in relationships. Each participant ranked the reasons in order from 1 to 10, and we separated the results based on gender.

Here are the top 10 reasons why men cheat, according to men:

10. Their friends do it, too

Peer pressure can make people do crazy things. According to Fox News Magazine’s interview with M. Gary Neuman, 77 percent of men who cheat have best friends who also cheat. A male junior at Benedictine University said insecurity plays a huge role, too. “Even if he doesn’t want to, they will push him over the edge because he wants to be a part of what they do,” he said.
What the Women Thought: #7


9. They want control

If the woman wears the pants in the relationship, control may be why the men seek lovin’ from someone else. A male junior from the University of Florida said it’s all about the alpha-male mentality. “[Men] don’t want to feel controlled by any one female,” he said. “It makes you look like a bitch to other guys.”
What the Women Thought: #4


8. Revenge

If the girl cheated on him, the man may feel obligated to even the score. He may feel like this is the only way he can get back at her for hurting him. If he’s gotten cheated on more than once, some men may think cheating is a way of getting back at all of the cheating women he has regretfully dated.
What the Women Thought: Tied for #8


7. They’re avoiding intimacy

Some men just want sex – no commitment, no feelings, just sex. The women survey-takers called this “having their cake and eating it, too.” Our male source from the University of Florida said intimacy often leads to feelings, and sometimes that doesn’t work for people who are just trying to have casual sex.
What the Women Thought: Tied for #8


6. They’ve done it before (and gotten away with it)

Not all cheaters are repeat-offenders by any means, but what people don’t know won’t hurt them. Men are more likely cheat because they know, or at least think, they won’t get caught — especially if they’ve already gotten away with it before. Take it from a female sophomore at the University of Florida. She said she was “the other girl” for almost a year, but she knows there was at least one girl before her. And get this: the cheater and his original girlfriend are still together today.
What the Women Thought: Tied for #2


5. They want more intimacy

Whether it’s an emotional or physical connection, sometimes he just wants more than what he has (or doesn’t have). For couples in long-term relationships, the two may get too comfortable with one another and forget to try new things, making the sex itself become boring. This is another reason male survey-takers mentioned for cheating on their significant others.
What the Women Thought: #6


4. Unexpected Opportunity

The touchy-feely ex-girlfriend or the once-in-a-lifetime hottie on the dance floor are prime suspects when it comes to this kind of behavior. If a guy had a chance with two women, he also might not be able to say no, according to our male source at Benedictine University. Especially if he “liked someone for such a long time and she had a sudden interest in him.”
What the Women Thought: #3


3. They feel emotionally dissatisfied

In Hollywood, crappy sex, or even no sex, is a common reason used to justify men cheating on their significant others. But, according to what Neuman told Fox News Magazine, only 8 percent of men said sexual dissatisfaction was the main reason. Forty-eight percent said they felt emotionally detached.
What the Women Thought: #5


2. Alcoholic Influence

Vision is no longer 20/20 when alcohol comes into play, and it can play a huge role in how men act around women. In fact, one of LTCL’s own men agrees. “Being under the influence could make a guy do regrettable things,” he said.
What the Women Thought: Tied for #2


1. They like the chase/excitement

Both men and women seem to agree on the top reason; men want variety, and they like the idea of a challenge. Men, like women, like to feel wanted and loved by his or her significant other. Our male source at the University of Florida said he thinks it’s about wanting what you can’t have. “You get it, have it a while and go through the same cycle,” he said.
What the Women Thought: #1

top reasons why men cheat

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lthough both the men and women agreed on the first two reasons used by men for cheating in their relationships, the rest of the ranking wasn’t as similar. Women thought repeat-offenders and control freaks were more common, where men thought emotional needs trumped the other rationalizations.

Is it safe to say women sometimes jump to conclusions when they find out their men have been unfaithful? Probably; but every relationship is different. That being said, not all men cheat.

As college students, we sometimes find ourselves in sticky situations whether we’re single or in a relationship. It’s up to you to have enough self-respect and self-control to not do anything to hurt the one you love or do something you’ll regret in the morning.

At the end of the day, whether you’re male or female, cheating is only a temporary solution. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but if you’re cheating on your girlfriend, then you’re either over your current relationship or there is a deeper issue that needs to be addressed.

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Here are additional reasons men cheat, according to our male survey-takers:

“They like the attention.”
“Men love sex.”
“They want something different.”

Here are some reasons our female survey-takers wanted to include:

“They do it because they can.”
“Mommy issues”
“Fear of commitment”

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