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5 Hotties You Should Know About

Under the Radar Sexy

Everybody knows Gisele, Kate Upton, Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Miranda Kerr, etc. They’re all hot. We all know. So here’s my list of 5 hot semi to more than semi-celebs that not a lot of people generally consider.


5. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is Julia Roberts’ niece and a famous actress. She was also Nancy Drew, and has kind of a Disney image. If people recognize her, they see her as a pretty girl, but not much more. I agreed with everyone until I saw her in the Cults music video for “Go Outside” where she plays a girl that comes out of the TV to be Dave Franco’s girlfriend for one night (Dave Franco is James Franco’s brother). Emma absolutely nails sexy 60’s style with a great mix of French coast fashion. By the way, I love nautical stripes on girls. Very sexy.

That’s her before she comes out of the TV…

Very different, and non-traditionally sexy. Good enough for the #5 spot.


4. Nasim Pedrad

She’s a cast regular on SNL, so she’s hilarious, and she’s Iranian, so she’s got great skin complexion. I’m just going to let her pics speak for themselves. Very underrated beauty.

This is her in a Black Swan sketch from the Jim Carrey episode (which was hilarious, check out this sketch and “Worst of Soul Train,” which is one my favorite SNL sketches in recent years).

She’s just absolutely adorable, and #4 on this list.


3. Mette Lindberg

She’s the lead singer of Asteroids Galaxy Tour (best known as the band from the Heineken commercial “The Entrance,” again, one of my favorite recent commericals. She’s Danish and has a Kate Moss thing going on.

Very quirky, and purely sexy.

Also an incredibly talented singer, and #3 on this list.


2. Hannah Simone

She plays Zooey Deschanel’s model best friend CeCe in New Girl. Enough said.

She’s essentially a hotter, less annoying version of Kim Kardashian. And she has bangs. I love bangs.

And so we get to #1…


While Kate Upton may have overshadowed her in the 2012 SI Swimsuit issue, Genevieve is my favorite. She’s been in GQ, Esquire and now SI, but she’s still not a major runway model. She’s sure to be picked up soon and as a sexy SI Rookie, definitely could be SI cover girl soon. I wouldn’t bet against her.

I know what you’re saying (other than nothing because you’re speechless), but she’s got an interesting look to her. First she’s South African, so her features are a little different than what you would see in say a “California girl.” She can rock bangs or no bangs, AND has absolutely stunning blue eyes. I’ll stop talking now and show you more reasons why Genevieve is #1 on my list.

FHM Magazine shoot. Lucky bastards.

Alright guys, that’s my Top 5. Feel free to comment whether you agree or disagree. Put together your own Top 5 list of sexy women that people may not know about!

Armani out.

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