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5 Little Known Qualities Guy’s Like in a Girl

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Here is the Secret

Ladies, there are many things you probably assume guys look for in girls, which might be true, but there is confusion when it comes to some personality traits that most guys might really like about you, that most girls would consider quirks or imperfections that you might hide when you should be embracing them.

I asked our followers on Facebook and guys around campus to compile a list of little known traits guys like in girls. The following tips are five of the most popular mentioned.

Remember, these are not set in stone. Take them as tips that were vocalized enough to make it on the list. Not necessarily truths that work with all guys but certainly will for most.


Be Coy

Guys are attracted to a girl who is a little reserved and shy. You could say it comes off as warming and can make him feel as if he needs to introduce you or give you a little more attention at social events.

Many girls might think guys like the outgoing girl who is really social and popular. While outgoing at times is definitely important, a girl who seems overly outgoing will feel difficult to maintain. A girl who is always going out and has more friends than she can count can intimidate a guy who might feel as if there is larking competition that could come at any time.



Stroke Some Ego

Guys are supposed to be free of emotions and not care about anything in the eyes of their peers and especially to other guys. With that said, a girl who can compliment a guy with a sincere comment is a huge turn on. The trick is to be sincere and not just compliment to make him like you. Next time you see him wear a shirt you really like on him, simply let him know. Don’t over do it—make it quick and simple.

On a side note, you might think calling a guy “cute” is a compliment. Save it for the pair of shoes you found at the mall and try adjectives like “handsome” or “caring”. Guys can relate to those compliments better than “hot” or “cute”.


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Brains with Balance

All guys like a girl who’ve got some brains. We don’t like the complete ditz who can’t hold a conversation. There is a wide range of street smarts when it comes to girls so the best bet is to make an effort to have a good range of intelligent conversations mixed with light topics. Don’t be overbearing with brains. A person who is always trying to correct about every little detail can be very tiring to be around. Also, if you aren’t so street smart then being a little ditsy from time to time can be a cute quality.


Goal Setter

Have realistic goals that you work towards. He will be impressed when you tell him that you have a career you are working towards or even something as simple as a savings account. If a guy is ever going to be looking for a girl to settle down with, he will like a girl who is driven and passionate about her future.


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 Be Conspicuous

This is probably the most underestimated quality a girl can have. Girls and guys are different and think different, there is no changing that, but you can be a clear communicator. Guys don’t read minds. You need to communicate if you’re mad or if you’re happy. I have been in relationships with girls who you just couldn’t tell what kind of mood they were in because they would hold everything inside. If you’re upset, worried or just happy, tell him!


I hope these traits are eye-opening and applicable to your current/future relationships. I know there are guys who these will not apply to, but I think that most level-headed guys would appreciate these traits. But enough about my research, let us know what you think in the comment section below!



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