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When Is the Right Time to Say the “L” Word?

college relationships love
college relationships love

So when is the right time to say I love you? Logically, you’d think you’d say the “L” word when you felt it. That may be so in a world of simplicity, but us humans are very complex creatures and unfortunately, it just isn’t that easy. Especially in a world where the word is abused so frequently, you have to be certain that you’ve waited long enough and spent enough time together for it to really seem true. I really do even wonder myself, is there really a right time to say the “L” word? Why can’t there be some mathematical equation to answer one of the scariest more vulnerable points in your life. Love=(Time Spent together)*(days known each other)-(key events) or something of that sort?

You keep thinking about the “L” word

There’s so many different possibly combinations of relationships that could be happening. You could have known a guy for months and been good friends and you started dating and it may seem right to say it after a few weeks because you have already loved them as a friend for so long and loving them as a significant other isn’t too different. Or you may have been very close to a guy for years before you both gave into dating, discovering you have been secretly in love with each other the entire time. You could start saying you love each other right off the bat. In a more complicated situation, you could have just met someone and only hung out a few times and spent little time together, yet you are so certain that they are the one. What do you do? In this situation you cannot dare say the “L” word because you are so scared the other person is going to laugh in your face or maybe even worse, feel like you don’t really mean it since it’s been so soon. Although you both really seem to be feeling the relationship and emotions seem pretty similar on both ends.

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when is the right time to say i love you

Girls are terrified to say the “L” word first. Why? We are scared it’s going to freak you guys out. However, I now feel like if a guy truly does care about you, he is as equally afraid of saying it first to you too. (I believe this small little detail is not something to not be overlooked for us girls- he could be in lalalove! 😉 At the same time you are both questioning yourselves and your true emotions. Are you really sure that you do love this person? You may feel like your heart is going to fall out of your head whenever you’re thinking/talking about them/you’re talking to them/skyping/anything that involves that other person. Is that love? Or just infatuation? You truly do both care for each other and only want to make each other happy, but is it love? And even when you do figure that out, the question is still up in the air. Who is going to say it first?

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My advice is that if you think it, feel it, dream about it, are just all about this feeling that you’re feeling. Wait a little longer before saying the words and if you can’t hold off much longer at least wait till the next cute moment to make it special. A lot of people say the words before they actually are in love with each other and eventually do end up meaning them. But nothing beats the feeling of being so sure when you look into someone’s eyes and say exactly what you feel and know it’s 100% true.

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