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America’s New Most Expensive Home Shatters Record for $190 Million (Gallery)

America's Most Expensive Home
America's Most Expensive Home

America’s Most Expensive Home

When you think of your dream home, what do you picture? If you’re thinking a modest 25 acres, 42,500 square feet of living space, including a five-story main house, a two-story guest house and a three-story pool house, you clearly aren’t thinking big enough because that would be describing America’s second most expensive home. Now, if you’re in more of a pinky-up type of mood and refuse to be outspent by any “Jones” family, you may need to look into something more like this mammoth estate:

According to Forbes, the town of Greenwich Conn. is now home to the most expensive house in America. Recently, a home was placed on the market for a 9 digit sum of $190,000,000. Not too shabby, right? If you’re already thinking this is a little too much to spend on a single home–touting about all the poverty in the world, broke college students eating Ramen, thinking that is excessive spending, you clearly haven’t seen all the amenities this property has to offer. Yes, you could have settled for the second most expensive home we mentioned with an asking price of $135 million, but as Forbes explains, this is simply a great buy:

The main house, a French-renaissance mansion, boasts 13,519 square feet of living space including 12 bedrooms, seven full baths and two half baths, a wood-paneled library, an ornate dining room with a tracery ceiling and oak columns, a solarium, a wine cellar, a third-floor staff wing, and a three-story, wood-paneled entry foyer. The original kitchen, equipped with a dumb waiter, sits in the basement, originally part of the staff quarters.

Think about it; wouldn’t it be great to one-up that rich kid who drives your dream car to class everyday? Yes it would. Ain’t nobody got time to be grateful and appreciative when these kind of deals are on the market. Timber tycoon, John Rudey, acquired this 117 year-old estate 31 years ago (built in 1896). Prior to that it was under the ownership of a gentleman by the name of Harriet Lauder Greenway, whose father helped Andrew Carnegie launch U.S. Steel – does the name Carnegie ring a bell? Basically, this estate hasn’t been on the market for over a century which is all the more reason you should break that old pink piggy bank.

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If the 50-acre estate, 4,000 feet of waterfront, two off-shore islands, a solarium, formal gardens and an apple orchard, a tennis court, an 1800-foot-long driveway, and a 75-foot-long heated pool has your name written all over it, all we ask is you invite us at LTCL and all of our readers to your first house-warming party. Enough talking, here’s the gallery:

most expensive house

most expensive house in the world

most expensive home in the USA

America's Most Expensive Home 190 Million

America's Most Expensive Home 190 Million

America's Most Expensive Home 190 Million

America's Most Expensive Home 190 Million

America's Most Expensive Home 190 Million

America's Most Expensive Home 190 MillionImages Via: David Ogilvy & Associates, Christie’s International Real Estate



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