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Man Finds $3 Million Baseball Cards in Grandpas Attic


Baseball Card Discovery

Incredible find out of DEFIANCE is now being called the greatest sports card discovery of all time.

Karl Kissner was cleaning out his late grandfathers attic when he came across a dusty old cardboard box full of about 700 baseball cards. He didn’t think much of  the old cards until he decided to do a little research and started to think he might have just found something very special.  Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Cy Young, Connie Mack were names he had heard of before — and he soon contacted an auction house in Dallas.

According to TodedoBlade

The cards are part of a rare 30-player set distributed with caramel candy in 1910. Only 635 of the undersized rectangular cards from the E98 series were known to exist and most of those displayed significant wear — a treasure so limited that even the most zealous collectors had long given up hope of piecing together a complete set.

Joe Orlando, president of Professional Sports Authenticator, confirmed the value as he graded each card on a scale of 1-to-10. He was stunned. A Cobb card, for instance, had never graded higher than a 7.

1x1.trans Man Finds $3 Million Baseball Cards in Grandpas Attic

A 1910 Honus Wagner baseball cards found in the attic of a house in Defiance, Ohio. HERITAGE AUCTIONS

“After 21 years of grading and grading over a million cards a year, that’s the highest grade ever,” Mr. Orlando said. “Well, there were 16 9s in this find alone. Honus Wagner, the highest grade was a 5 before this. We graded a 10, we graded several nines, some 8s, some 8.5s.”

Soon to be auctioned off, this find is easily estimated to be worth $3 million. The most valuable piece is a 1910 Hans Wagner nearly mint condition card valued at $500,000. A little sick how much people will pay for a little piece of cardboard but none the less I am jealous of this finding.

Karl plans to sell off all the cards in auction and split the findings with all 19 relatives. Who knew the caramel candy would bring such fortune to these people 100 years later. Hope my grandpa doesn’t mind when I rummage his attic next time I visit.



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