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BROMANCE. Nothing Gay About it. [VIDEO]

Bromance Friends
Bromance Friends

The Bromantic Video



Are you part of a Bromance? You know, when you and your buddy show a little affection, become a little closer? Nothing weird about bonding with your boy over a beer or maybe a round of golf, right? One of the most popular Youtubers, Nigahiga (Ryan Higa), made this video to show what Bromance is all about.

There is nothing gay about it.

I have to admit it’s catchy and Chester, who does vocals, has some pretty damn good pipes. The video was produced by Andy Lange in Hawaii. We want to know what you think about bromance.

Get the song on iTunes 
Music and Lyrics by Chester See (The Singer)

Check out Chester’s acoustic version!

Andy Lange produced the music http://www.youtube.com/andylangemusic

See how in his Making the Music video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LUmxmQMVWA


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