Posted 2/14/12 by LTCL in Relationships & Sex

Google Can’t Fix LOVE

Today is Valentines day. Half the world is happy and the other half depressed. Google created one of our favorite doodles to date to acknowledge young love in a one minute cartoon with the help of illustrator, Michael Lipman. In the doodle you see the young boy trying to impress the girl as she jump-ropes. The poor guy doesn’t get the time of day after showering her with flowers and chocolates. Strangely enough, when he doesn’t try to impress her is when he gets her attention. Google themselves admit they can’t solve every romance question, but that men just have to figure it out by listening to what she is indirectly or directly telling you. There is also a lesson for you women– yes be a challenge, but eventually it might help to give a clear message of what you want. Decoding your indirect messages is more difficult than you think and leads men to unintended conclusions. Regardless, men, stop trying so hard and observe. If you find something in common with her you may have just discovered the best pick up line out there.



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