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Millionaire’s 5 Best Tips for Graduates Entering Job Market



ary Vaynerchuk was thrust into the world of business at the age of 5 when he would rip out flowers of people’s yard, ring the doorbell, and sell them back to the owners. His entrepreneurship streak continued as a boy when he began buying and selling baseball cards on the weekends. Through his unique online presence and never-ending hustle he helped grow his family wine business into a multi-million dollar shop and website (winelibrary.com). Using his leverage and Internet stardom he confounded Vayner Media with his brother AJ where they consult and serve Fortune 500 companies and a wide variety of startups.

Because of his ridiculous work ethic and passion for business, his advice is highly regarded in the business world. In Gary’s interview, he explains why the traditional ways of landing a job are outdated and what to do as a recent college graduate. We asked a slew of questions but wanted to give this response its own article because we found it particularly insightful.


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LTCL: What would be five tips that Gary would give any college grad or college aged student preparing themselves in today’s job market?

Gary Vaynerchuk: I think number 5 would be to build a personal brand. I think blogging, tweeting, putting yourself out there has a lot of value. I don’t think people understand the equity of having a personal brand, and you know, of course you can say everybody can have a brand; and it’s true. I mean anybody can have a voice mail and the more you put out there the more you can attract opportunity.

Number four is, wherever you want to go, make sure you really understand what they do, what they are trying to achieve, and what they are looking for. I think you should look at the people they have hired in the last two years; find them on LinkedIn or on Twitter—get a sense of what kind of skills they bring to the table.

Number three is anybody in the world you can get to. You can get to me, you can get to Seth Godin*, you can get to Cuban*, just have to email them, they will respond. It’s stunning how easy it is in today’s world to get to somebody and I think that’s something that people don’t recognize and I think that one meeting could change their whole game.

I would also say number two to really be honest with yourself. I think too many people want to be something that they are not. I see a big disconnect with a lot of people. So being honest with your self I think really matters.

Number one would be *chuckles* there is so much opportunity out there. You are going to get 87 no’s and the 88th one is going to be a yes, and so just keep swinging the bat.


*Seth Godin: New York Times best seller, and one of the words top marketing bloggers, if not the best.

*Mark Cuban: Billionaire business man and owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

You can follow Gary on Twitter @Garyvee.

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Question: What are you struggling with the most when looking for a job? If you are a current student, what do you fear the most?


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