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Gary Vaynerchuck on Higher Education (Part 2)

gary vaynerchuck
gary vaynerchuck

Part 1 of the Gary Vaynerchuck Interview is Here


This higher education bubble is creating a large market of studetns marketers always try to reach, what advice would you give companies trying to reach this niche? (Other than advertising in my amazing website, of course… ha ha)

Mobile… I think understanding how to get into mobile, look for opportunities to reach out on mobile. Fish where the fish are at, you know? Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat— recognize that if you are trying to reach that market you’ve got to fish in that market, and that means staying on top of things. Read TechMeme, read TechCrunch, read AdAge, read pop culture stuff. You can ask your nieces and nephews who are 13, 16, and 19. Have conversations and see where they are at.

So you do see a lot of these apps doing great and getting bought out by large media conglomerates, and would like to know your thoughts on the ecosystem. Do you see the app market becoming more saturated right now?

No. So, Disney and Universal can buy and acquire, but the fact of the matter is that there is way too much out there. There is new stuff being built on a daily basis and you have things like Kickstarter now. I’d bet you right now if you looked into the top 100 games on iPad you’d be stunned at how many aren’t Universals or Disneys. They can make one or two big plays for a holding company but, absolutely not. Don’t forget, Rovio and Zynga started as small companies and that was just 36 to 48 months ago.

For my final question Gary, it is more about you looking back on your life thus far. We are a college lifestyle website and we focus on advice and entertainment so we would like to know if there was any advice when you were in college which we could have helped you out with?

The thing is, I think when you’re 18-25, I think the thing you don’t realize is how long life is, and how much you want to look back and be happy with the decisions you made. So I would say that over time and quick cash always think about your legacy– think about every action as if your grand kids are going to know YOU made that decision–which is true, in the world we live in. Understand we are building our legacy digitally day in and day out. I mean look, this interview is going to be read by my grandchildren and so when you start living you life with this thought in mind, I think you start making different decisions and I highly recommend thinking about that.

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BONUS:  We asked Gary to tell us his 5 Best Tips for Hopeful Grads or anyone else in the work force preparing themselves.


I think number 5 would be to build a personal brand. I think blogging, tweeting, putting yourself out there has a lot of value. I don’t think people understand the equity of having a personal brand, and you know, of course you can say everybody can have a brand; and it’s true. I mean anybody can have a voicemail and the more you put out there the more you can attract opportunity.

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QUESTION: Do you think it’s still necessary to attend college in a traditional sense, or are other programs now just as valuable?


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