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How an MPA Can Supercharge Your Bachelor’s

Once you’re done with your Bachelor’s, you want to throw a party, not just because of the accomplishment, but because you’re done with school. Finally.

But, in a career world where most candidates can include a Bachelor’s on their resume, it’s not enough to simply have the degree. How can you stand out? For candidates in public-service related fields, the answer is simple: rev up your career prospects with a Master’s of Public Administration.


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Better Salary

Anyone with a public-service degree already knows that salaries vary widely depending on whether you work in the public or private sector, or for a large company or NGO versus a mom-and-pop non-profit. However, statistics tell us that an MPA can raise your average starting salary by up to $18,000 a year. Even though salaries are all over the board for public-service degrees, the one undeniable fact is that those with an MPA stand a better chance at landing a higher starting salary or a better position (with the accompanyhing pay-raise).

Real World Experience

Savvy graduates know that a degree is no surefire way to land a job. In today’s job market, many employers also want candidates who have practical experience in the field. And many Master’s of Public Administration programs offer just that. Internships are a valuable way to get your feet wet in the field and network with companies who are looking for candidates like you. Choosing your program carefully will let you find one that offers the right kind of hands-on experience, as long as you know your career goals going in.

More Competitive Resume

A good MPA program can land you a job at some impressive organizations; the American Red Cross, Clinton Global Initiative, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation all employ qualified MPA graduates. Research your program beforehand to find the best possible fit with a program that has a good reputation. Most graduate programs offer information about the job placements their graduates have received after leaving the program. Looking over a school’s job placement records will give you a good idea of what you can expect to be doing once you have a degree in hand. That will give you a good idea of not only how good your school looks on paper, but also how rigorous its program is.

Better Job Prospects

MPA graduates have a good chance at landing a job in a wide variety of fields. In addition to working for government and non-profit agencies, MPA’s will find they also fit into the news, entertainment, health, legal, and communications industries, just to name a few. This versatility is a huge boon for graduates seeking employment because it means that many fields have a need for your skills and you’re sure to find plenty of prospects when it comes time to hunt for a job.

When you’re leaving school with your Bachelor’s, it can be tempting to not even think about a graduate degree, much less one with a title like ‘Master’s of Public Administration.’ But don’t be fooled – a two-year stint in an MPA program could unlock your dream career. Don’t limit your options!


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