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What’s it Like to Work at Pinterest? Here’s the Inside Look & More!

Some of us have to stay off Pinterest while at work, but why not work at Pinterest and get paid to make crafts and upload pins all day? Here, TechCrunch takes a little tour of the inner workings of the Pinterest headquarters where you can see their  “make-athons” in action.

Here are three things we loved about the inside tour:

1. Catered lunch and dinner: Say what? — I was just happy to get 50% off my meals when I was a server. Pinterest keeps the team unity by having them all eat together — on the house!

2. Pinterest Bar: Employees decided to make a social area with a bar. Sounds like a good place to mingle with peer, and an even better place to come up with creative pins… After a few drinks.

3. Pinterest Club: Cafeteria can turn into a club? As if Pinterest wasn’t a big enough distraction at work.

With cleverly named conference rooms and unique decor, it’s no wonder why many college students would love the opportunity to live in San Francisco and work at Pinterest.

Here’s what Pinterest has to say on their careers page:

Health & wellness

We offer a great range of health, dental and vision coverage for you and your family, along with paid maternity/paternity leave. And for you sporty types, we have discounted gym memberships and a bi-weekly running club.

Rest & relaxation

We trust you to take the vacation you need to stay fresh. In addition to 11 national holidays, our vacation and sick day policy is flexible. And we’ve got on-site yoga and massage when you need a little you time at the office

Fun stuff

Pinployees just wanna have fun! We bring our dogs to work, get creative at make-a-thons, throw five-minute dance parties, celebrate with boat trips, and dominate in ultimate frisbee.

Equipment & transport

We’ll set you up with new Apple equipment or whatever you need to be productive. We also offer discounted Verizon plans and commuter benefits like free Caltrain passes and MiFi wireless.

Sounds like a nice gig! So are you interested to know if there are any job openings? Don’t worry, LTCL did the homework for you. There are actually plenty of jobs (at the time of publishing this). Here’s the list:

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