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The Dark Night – A Student’s Downfall

The biggest expected blockbuster of 2012, “The Dark Knight Rises”, brought thousands of Batman fans together for the midnight premiere all over the country. No one expected what started as an exciting night in a movie theater full of friends and families turning into the scene of a horrific tragedy.

Shortly after midnight in Aurora, Colorado, a movie theater full of people enthralled in the latest Batman sequel was suddenly exposed to tear gas followed by loud noise that most initially believed was part of the show. The disoriented crowd immediately dropped to the ground for cover after a gunman emerged and started firing at random.  Many people managed to escape as others were killed in the process as well as while protecting their loved ones. The length of the attack was short but it was terrifying seconds of mad chaos to those present. The bloody scene claimed 12 lives as well as leaving 58 wounded. Local police responded to the incident within a few minutes and took the alleged shooter who was by his vehicle into custody.

In the suspect’s car, police found an AR-15 assault rifle, a Remington 12-gauge shotgun, and a .40 caliber Glock handgun, all of which are believed to have been used. A .40 caliber handgun was later recovered inside the theater as well. The one responsible was quickly identified as James Holmes, a 24 year-old graduate for the University of California Riverside with a degree in neuroscience. Holmes was originally from San Diego and attended Westview High school, graduating with honors and a good reputation. People described him as quiet, respectful, and above all extremely intelligent. He was in the process of pursuing his PHD at the University of Colorado until he dropped out this June for reasons unknown.

Question Of The Year

The question that millions of people as well as the victims’ heartbroken families are asking is “why”? Why would such a bright young student with so much promise in his future commit such an atrocity? Did he just lose it? Is he insane? Insanity is not looking too bright as authorities discovered that Holmes booby-trapped his apartment to kill whoever walked in. There were several dangerous chemicals and bombs set up to explode. Thankfully this attempt to claim lives failed and no one was injured. There is also evidence that Holmes had been carefully planning this crime for quite sometime. In the past four months, he purchased all the weapons legally and bought ammunition on the internet. It is reported that there had been an unusual amount of packages being delivered to his address recently. Careful plotting like this leaves many people unconvinced that a plea of mental illness is going to pass before a jury. A series of psychoanalysis is set to take place before a trial begins which will answer many questions on the suspect’s state of mind. One thing is certain; it is going to be a very long process.

It Gets Weirder

James Holmes made his first court appearance this Monday and was looking quite frazzled to say the least. His hair had been dyed bright orange and he appeared to be “in a daze” during the entire process. Orange hair… Batman. What is this guy’s deal? Is he trying to be the joker or something? Police reported Holmes saying something along the lines of “I am The Joker” but an exact quote is yet to be confirmed. A few days before the murder, a profile on an adult sex site was made with Holmes picture along with a cryptic message as his headline. Check out the page for yourself and read about in this article:


Moving On

It is extremely difficult to come out of such a terrible event with a positive attitude after so much life was lost. May peace and tranquility enter the lives of all those involved including victims’ families. With patience and time, all we can do is hope that the American judicial system will bring justice to those who lost their lives. Colorado is a death penalty state but it has not been used in decades. Prosecutors have sixty days from the date of the arraignment to formally file for the death penalty if they decide to pursue that avenue. Something that I don’t think should go unnoticed is the degree of bravery and heroism that was displayed on that night by three men. Three women are alive today because their boyfriends sacrificed their own lives so they could live on. It’s instances like these that should make us all take a step back and put our own lives in perspective.


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