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Undergraduate Lists First Job as Scarecrow

Jamie Fox, 22, who recently graduated from Bangor University, will use a ukulele, accordion and against the ferocious crows that ravage through the farm. Graduated with a degree in music and English, he is putting his skills to good use in a Norfolk field, after being employed as a human scarecrow.

Most students manage to find more main stream jobs that require the usual office to work out of, shirt tie uniform, or maybe a nice traveling gig for their first professional role. That’s why you attend college, right?

Realistically there are those who would rather have a more unusual gig like Mr Fox, who will earn £250 a week patrolling the ten-acre field. I’m sure you can recall the kid in your high school class you could see doing this.

According to Telegraph.co.uk:

Wearing a bright orange coat, he will play the musical instruments in a bid to finally scare off the hardy birds, which were unperturbed by ordinary scarecrows.
His employer, a farmer from Aylsham, Norfolk, even warned him to “bring a deckchair and a good book” for his days in the oilseed rape field, where he will also practice his ukulele in the hopes of getting a full-time job in music.
Mr Fox, who says his friends are “slightly envious” of his role, is now saving to pay for a trip to New Zealand next year.

Interesting how some find their way. But admirable that some refuse to sit back and complain about a difficult job market and find ways to make ends meet.

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