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Fur Trim: Tips To Prepare For Fall and Winter



ince real fur is a taboo fabric today, you may think its essence is off limits when it comes to personal style. However, faux fur has been making a resurgence lately, and gives the wintery feel without the price tag of real fur. There are three great ways to sport fur this fall!


Victoria Secret: http://bit.ly/MEIM6E

1. Collar Cool

One of my favorite looks for the season is neutral wool coats with contrasting color fur collars. They bump up any basic pea coat, and is wearable from day to day. Full fur coats tend to be too formal for day, so just a touch is always nice.










Juicy Couture: http://bit.ly/NRUfMq

2. From Head…

Although they may seem old school, fur earmuffs and hats are cute additions for this season. Earmuffs are great when your hair is pulled back, and hats go well with long hair. Not only that, but they will keep your head warm on those cold winter days.










Source: flickr.com

3. …To Toe

Although they may not make through the sleet and snow, fur boots are perfect for dry, but cold autumn days. With jeans and a slouchy sweater, fur boots make any comfy outfit unique. Look for ones with pom-pom tassels and or in cool white.


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