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Great Ways to Blend your Summer and Fall Fashion this Semester

As a college student, you must quickly learn how to live on a budget.  No longer are the shopping sprees or staying up on the latest trend.  With the summer coming to an end and fall on its way, you may be feeling the pressure to buy new, pricey winter ensembles in order to stay stylish.  However, have no fear.  There are quick and easy ways to vamp up summery pieces for your fall closet.  Here are four tips to keep your wardrobe seamless from season to season!



Long Sleeves Under Summer Dresses via: Pinterest





  • Dresses and skirts are not only for spring and summer.  If you have any sundress or skirt in a dark color or pattern you can easily throw on a pair of opaque tights or knee-high stockings for an autumn feel.  Then, just add a pair of boots or lace-up oxfords and a sweater, and you will have a practically brand new outfit for nothing.









Denim Shorts with Tights via: Pinterest



  • Thinking denim shorts are a summer only item?  Well, think again!  Follow the same tips from above and you will have a hip new outfit that has been trending everywhere.  Switch out the sweater for a plaid flannel, add some chunky gold jewelry, and you will be fall ready in no time!




Knee Highs and Dresses via: Pinterest




  • Although they might be tricky to style, crop tops can work for fall.  While it might be too cold out to expose your stomach, layer a lightweight long sleeve under your crop top in a contrasting summer for a fun look. This look can look great with a pair of skinny jeans and a scarf.  Use this tip with the summer dress too.  One piece can take your outfit to a grown up look of the once childhood jumper!







Beachy Waves in Winter via: Pinterest



  • And as for those beachy summer waves, you can keep rockin’ that style well into winter.  Make your own salt water by using a spray bottle, water, and just table salt, and spray to wet hair.  The texture and style will look great under a pair of earmuffs or headscarf.








Although the skies may be dark and the wind cold, don’t be afraid to add a bit sunshine to your days with some nostalgic summer pieces.  It will remind you that winter is not forever and summer is on its way!





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