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Easy Ways to Impress the Girl You’re Dating

impress her
impress her
impress her

Posted 11/14/12 by

She will be taken aback…

Gentlemen, this one is for you. Got your eye on a girl? In the dating phase and want to get some bonus points? Have a long-term girlfriend you want to surprise? Here are a few easy ways to impress a girl. We really are not as complicated as we pitch ourselves to be; we like to feel special, be cared about and enjoy some chivalry every once in a while. Show some thoughtfulness and effort and it will go a long way! Any of these ideas will begin to win a girl over if she is already crushing on you or surprise her if you are already a couple- unless you are already so awesome that you do these things!


Cook for her

I don’t mean make some mac’n cheese or hot dogs. Plan an actual meal for her!  Take some time to find a nice recipe, figure out how to actually prepare it and surprise her with it. Making her favorite meal is an option or making something she has been dying to try would also be a good choice. Even if it doesn’t turn out the best, she will really appreciate the thought and effort that went into it. If it just epically fails, you two can just order a pizza and laugh about the disaster.

Dress up a tad

If you are not one to dress up, try dressing up a bit for a date. It doesn’t have to be a full on suit or anything of that caliber- just some nice dress pants or even nice jeans and a button down. A well-dressed man is incredibly attractive! This will have even more impact if you’re generally a sweats and tee shirt type of guy. A girl seeing a guy dress up for her, when it is generally the other way around, will really leave an impact.

Smell Good

Smelling good gives you an automatic +5 in my book and that of many other girls. Ever wonder why Ambercrombie smells so good ALL the time? Because it attracts girls and makes them go gaga. Spritzing on some cologne or using some nicely scented deodorant can really up your attraction scale. Scent is our strongest sense, so use it to your advantage! Just don’t overdo it- too much cologne can be almost as bad as none.


Write her a letter

This one is probably for those of you who are in a relationship and know your girlfriend very well. It might be a tad creepy if you write a long, thoughtful letter to a girl you barely know. But for those of you who feel comfortable enough, write your girlfriend/crush a nice letter. You don’t have to be a phenomenal writer or amazing with words. Letters are very personal and touching and can really mean a lot to us sappy girls. It can be about anything you want as long as it is coming from your heart. Some topics you could write about are why you like her, reminiscing about a past date, remembering how you met or anything special between you two.

Buy or pick her flowers

As cliché as it is, most girls love getting flowers. It is one of the easiest and simplest ways to show you like a girl. Don’t think you have to go and blow a ton of money getting her a dozen roses- even picking her some flowers and putting them in a vase is a very sweet gesture. If you are in the doghouse and trying to win her back, then flowers are a very good idea. It’s even better if you figure out her favorite flower and give her some of them- it will add even more thought into the gesture.

Take care of her when she is sick

Some girls might not want you around them when they are sick, but if yours will allow you to see her then try to take care of her. Get her medicine from the drug store, make her some soup and/or watch a movie with her. Taking care of her when she is under the weather will show her that you are there for good and bad.


Give her a thoughtful gift

A gift is not always about the money spent. Next time you want to give her a gift, try giving her something from the heart instead of the pocket book. Not saying that expensive gifts are not nice- it’s just a thoughtful gift can say a lot more about your character. Try burning her a cd of some of her favorite artists or of a cd she doesn’t have yet. Make a photo collage. If you’re a musician, write her a song. Know what her interests are and get things that correlate- tickets to a show, favorite perfume, cookbook with her favorite type food or anything else related to her interests. Giving her a gift that is focused on her likes will make much more of an impression then something you could give anyone.

Linzy Anna

Linzy Anna is a senior at Mizzou studying strategic communications in the j-school. She is a professional model, writer for Josephine Magazine, blogger for MOVE! magazine and part-time employee at Marshalls. She loves being a Big for Big Brothers Big Sisters, owls, chocolate, traveling, dancing, modeling and acting.


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