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Don’t Sext and Drive: by Jimmy Tatro


Posted 1/24/13 by

Sexting and Driving

Sexting and Driving can be a little reckless.  Sometimes a the only solution is a little bromance to help your boy avoid hitting a small child while telling his girlfriend what she needs to hear.

Tonight we’re doing round two. I’m gonna make you scream like a harpooned whale.

Jimmy Tatro explains that one way of avoiding injury is by texting for your friend– maybe a little sexting if need be. Now keep in mind that you shouldn’t make things weird while you do this. Simply do as the video above demonstrates and everything will turn out alright.


-WTF!……..Did you see that kid?!

-I think so, dude…

-OMG is your car ok?



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Funny jimmy tatro sexting and driving video


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