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Realistic Ways to Make It Work Long Distance

It Can Be Done!

If you’re going into college this year with a significant other who is out of town, state, or even the country, you’ve almost certainly heard the doom and gloom prophecies of an imminent breakup.

While it’s true that most long distance relationships and high school sweethearts fall apart under the strain of collegiate separation, it certainly isn’t impossible to walk away with a diploma and a happy long-distance love. Here are some tips and advice you want to know about when considering a long distance relationship.


Choose Your Battles Wisely

If you’ve been together with your S.O. for a while, the odds are that you’re extremely comfortable with one another. A negative aspect of this is that you’re probably quicker to nit-pick, argue, and tease in your relationship… Something that can be detrimental to a successful long-distance relationship. A good thing to remember while separated from your boyfriend or girlfriend is that you can’t simply drive to them, kiss, and make up; rather, conflicts that occur will take much more effort to solve. While you should still maintain standards of acceptability as a couple and discuss issues that need to be resolved, think a bit about whether or not the potentially fight-starting thing you’re about to mention is going to matter at all the next day. Has your girlfriend been ignoring you to spend time with guys that you’re uncomfortable with? Probably worth discussing. Has your boyfriend been calling you “babe” less than usual? Maybe not really worth getting into a fight about.


Make Time for Each Other

“In college, there are 3 major things that will take up your time: sleep, socializing, and schoolwork. You’ll only have time for 2 of them, so you better choose now!” It’s cheesy joke told at freshman orientations every year, yes, but it’s true. Throw a long distance relationship into that mix, and you’ll be even more strapped for time. However, if you really want things to work with your significant other, you need to make time for them. Whether that means setting an alarm for the same five minutes every day to have a quick FaceTime call, taking two hours out of a Saturday night to have a Skype movie date, or alternating the drive home every few weekends to see each other in person, it’s extremely important to have face-to-face interaction. This will keep things feeling natural, and also prove to your S.O that you prioritize them and still find them to be worth your oh-so-valuable spare time.


Get Creative

It’s easy to make your sweetheart feel special when you’re in the same city, but where the true challenge lies is having that same talent while hundreds of miles apart. Say goodbye to the days of dropping off iced coffees at their job… and hello to sites like Flowers.com, the pizza delivery joint near his or her campus, and the post office. Little gifts at random are a great way to keep your romance alive, and so are love letters, surprise visits, and special activities that you can do online (such as streaming the same TV show on Netflix to enjoy it together over Oovoo). There are hundreds of care package ideas on the internet, as well as cheap DIY crafts to show the other person that you care. With a little effort and a lot of love, you’ll easily earn the title of “Long Distance Romantic”.


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With these ideas in mind, the scary idea of attempting a long distance relationship with your high-school sweetheart or study-abroad love is a lot more achievable! Simply remembering to let them know how much they mean to you and that you want to make it work is the first step, and with enough mutual effort a great relationship is possible even from across the globe.

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