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How YOU Can Afford to Travel This Summer!

from Trey Ratcliff at www.stuckincustoms.com
from Trey Ratcliff at www.stuckincustoms.com

If you’re in the average income bracket for a college student, chances are you’re avoiding the t-word this vacation. Traveling can be stressful, demanding of your time, and (most difficultly) very expensive. However, don’t lose hope! Grab a few friends, hit the road, and head to one of these awesome getaways… for only a fraction of the normal cost of a summer vacay.

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Utilize Student Services

Aside from study abroad programs, there are other student-aimed travel services. Companies such as Student Universe and STA provide discounted flights, lodging, and tours for young people on a budget. Examples: Student Universe’s 8-day Spanish coastal tour for less then $800, and STA’s 3-day Australian outback tour for under $350.

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Get Hostel

The way hostels are portrayed in movies is not the truth. What a hostel stay boils down to is meeting amazing new people (young travelers like yourself), seeing the location from a local standpoint, and most importantly, paying as little as possible. Of course, to avoid grimy places, one needs to do basic research before booking a stay, but the experience of “dorming” with other trekkers is unforgettable. Check out this awesome hostel on the shores of Waikiki, for less than $30 a night in the middle of summer!

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Explore Your Area

If flying isn’t in the cards for you based on price, take another form of transportation! Stay in a nearby city for a night with friends and explore the areas that you’ve never seen. Eat at food trucks, shop at thrift stores, and get the true experience of your region.

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A Little Bit Campy

Perhaps the most exciting and affordable summer getaways you can take as a student is to a local nature reserve or national park. Book a campsite, bring some canned food, and live in the wild for a week. Campsites at Zion National Park go for less than $20 per night, which is pocket change when split with a couple of friends!

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Whatever you end up doing this summer, don’t let cost discourage you. There is always a way to escape, even with a tiny budget! What are your plans this summer, and how are you saving money along the way?


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